Opinion: Ham Kiggundu’s Visionary Investment Elevates Uganda’s Sports Landscape- David Serumaga

Opinion: Ham Kiggundu's Visionary Investment Elevates Uganda's Sports Landscape- David Serumaga

By David Serumaga

Ham Kiggundu’s remarkable investment in Nakivubo War Memorial Stadium marks a turning point for sports development in Uganda.

His unwavering commitment to transforming the once dilapidated stadium into a modern sports complex, meeting international standards, is a credit not just to him but to the entire Uganda as a country.

The visit of officials from the Confederation of African Football (CAF) and the Federation of Uganda Football Association to witness and inspect the stadium’s redevelopment progress is a testament to the monumental changes taking place.

As Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania present their East Africa PAMOJA, a joint bid to host the 2027 Africa Cup of Nations. However, Ham’s dedication to meeting CAF’s conditions by privately financing the stadium’s upgrade showcases his belief in Uganda’s potential as a regional host.

What sets Ham’s initiative apart is the focus on quality. The stadium’s construction, with its advanced fire and security systems, impeccable exits and entrances, top-notch turf, and high-quality seating arrangements, reflects his commitment to meeting globally recognized standards.

The nearly completed stadium, boasting a capacity of 35,000, will not only host football but also cater to various sports disciplines, fostering a culture of athleticism and sporting excellence. Additionally, the inclusion of amenities such as a gym, medical facility, and restaurants ensures a holistic sports experience for athletes and fans alike.

Beyond sports, the stadium project also holds economic promise. The incorporation of commercial premises promises additional income streams, contributing to Uganda’s growing economy. This, coupled with President Museveni’s acknowledgment of the sports sector’s economic significance, underscores the importance of investing in sporting infrastructure in this country.

Ham’s unwavering determination has created a ripple effect beyond sports development. The revitalization of the stadium and its surroundings has transformed the once crime-prone area into a safe and vibrant space for the community and businesses.

As Ham garners international attention for his groundbreaking work, he serves as an inspiring role model for Ugandans and Africans as a whole. His vision and courage prove that local investors can contribute significantly to Africa’s growth and development.

The transformation of Nakivubo War Memorial Stadium sets a precedent for future sports projects in Uganda. It is a testament to the power of homegrown initiatives in driving progress and elevating the Pearl of Africa on the global stage.

I also just think Ham Kiggundu’s investment in Nakivubo War Memorial Stadium is more than just the construction of a sports facility; it is a symbol of Uganda’s potential and determination to embrace its responsibilities and propel Africa towards prosperity. The stadium’s legacy will endure for generations, inspiring others to follow suit and continue the journey towards a brighter future.

Fellow Ugandans, we should be celebrating this gentleman for the love he has for the sports industry and being the first Ugandan Sports investor to committee himself in setting the bar high by contributing to East Africa PAMOJA in the bid of constructing a stadium that can host international games.

We should all look at the benefits and opportunities that many Ugandans will get when the project is finally completed.

Officials from the Confederation of African Football (CAF) and the Federation of Uganda Football Association(FUFA) Inspecting Nakivubo Stadium As One Of The Proposed Stadiums To Host AFCON 2027

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