Thousands Gather At Lubiri-Mengo As Buganda Kingdom Celebrates 30th Coronation Anniversary

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Thousands of Kabaka’s subjects have gathered at Lubiri-Mengo palace as Buganda Kingdom celebrates Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II’s 30th coronation anniversary(Matikkira aga 30), the first open ceremony to the public as all royal ceremonies had previously been narrowed down due to the Covid-19 outbreak in 2020.

The kingdom is celebrating significant and tremendous cultural, social, and economic transformation in the last 30 years under Kabaka Mutebi’s reign, which equally benefits Uganda and Africa at large.

Among the key notable achievements, the kingdom is also celebrating Kabaka’s restoration of the 13 ministries and the establishment of close to 27 agencies that employ more than 10,000 workers.

Under Kabaka’s able leadership, Buganda has also contributed to the Millennium development goals (MDGs), especially universal health coverage by championing Polio vaccination. The kingdom is now contributing to the sustainable development goals (SDGs) by prioritizing “Access to quality and equitable education” among others, under the Kabaka education fund that offers five bursaries at the county level.

The kingdom is also participating in achieving different national development plans and activities such as promoting health. For instance, the kingdom has rallied the masses to donate blood and raises awareness during Kabaka’s annual birthday run.

The Minister for the Kingdom’s special duties and chairman of this year’s anniversary organizing committee, David Mpanga, stated that the Kabaka is delighted to celebrate his coronation with all his subjects, just as before Covid-19 further calling upon the general public to attend in large numbers.

The prayers in gratitude for the Kabaka’s life and wisdom in leading the Kingdom will be led by the Archbishop of Kampala, Paul Ssemogerere under the theme “The Importance of Clans to the Kingdom.”

Here Are Some Of The Moments We Captured For You

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