Victoria University Vice Chancellor Dr Muganga Awarded For His Contributions In Advancing Tertiary Education Reforms

Victoria University Vice Chancellor Dr Muganga Awarded For His Contributions In Advancing Tertiary Education Reforms

The Vice-Chancellor of Victoria University, Dr Lawrence Muganga has been awarded for his tremendous contributions and efforts towards improving Uganda’s tertiary education sector and higher education in general.

Dr Muganga who is one of Uganda’s academic giants was recognized by by Nakawa East Member of Parliament Eng Ronald Balimwezo Nsubuga on Thursday, 3rd August 2023 at the Vice Chancellor’s office at Victoria University along Jinja Road In Kampala.

“A heartfelt thank you to Eng. Dr Ronald Balimwezo, Member of Parliament for Nakawa East Constituency, for honoring my efforts in advancing tertiary education reforms and improving higher education in general. It is truly humbling to receive this award, which further strengthens my dedication to empowering aspiring students with the tools they need to thrive academically and in life.”Dr Muganga said after receiving the award.

According to Dr Muganga, education is a powerful force that empowers people from different backgrounds to unlock their potential and contribute meaningfully to society and he is therefore determined to do whatever he can in his capacity to support everyone with the urge of pursuing higher education.

“Together, we can continue creating a thriving educational landscape, where knowledge flourishes and leads to a brighter future for our community and beyond. Your recognition inspires me to keep supporting this cause with unwavering dedication,” he remarked.

Dr Muganga rose to fame during the COVID-19 era when he led Victoria University to continue learning throughout the lockdown as many tertiary institutions closed down temporarily due to the pandemic.

Under his stewardship, VU introduced the VClass, a digital blended learning platform which allowed students to learn remotely and virtually. Not only lectures are offered through this world-class system, but students are also able to do; online tuition payments and online exams.

The VC also spearheaded the process that ensured that Victoria University acquires a full charter from the National Council of Higher Education (NCHE), thanks to his continued efforts in revolutionizing the education sector in the country.

Dr Lawrence Muganga is an Education Thought-Leader, Professor of Education, award-winning best-selling author, international curriculum speaker, and passionate about changing the education factory called the school in Uganda.

Dr Muganga has researched extensively and written about a cutting-edge educational paradigm titled Authentic Learning, this literary means an education that prepares learners for the real world by equipping them with real-life skills to handle life today and tomorrow.

He’s the author of “You Can’t Make Fish Climb Trees: Overcoming Educational Malpractice through Authentic Learning” one of the bestselling books on Amazon and a must-read that provoked an international conversation about the ills of the education systems globally.


Muganga attended Makerere University Kampala from where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science Economics and Rural Economy (1998-2001). Later, he proceeded with school at Makerere University from where he attained a Master’s Degree in Economic Policy Management (EPM), 2005-2007.

2011, IFSE Institute: Certificate Canadian Investment Fund Course (CIFC). Still, in 2011, he attended Georgia Brown College from where he obtained a Certificate in instructing adults (Teaching and Training).

2012-2018, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD.) Educational Administration and Leadership, Educational Policy Studies from the University of Alberta.

Dr Muganga as well attended Harvard University, Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning from where he attained a Higher Education Teaching Certificate. He attended military training in Gabiro and intelligence training in Kibuye present-day Karongi, Rwanda.

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