Miss At Your Own Risk! National Youth Leadership &Empowerment Summit Draw Closer: Here Is What You Need To Know

National Youth Leadership &Empowerment Summit

The National Youth leadership and empowerment summit will be a 3 day event that will take place from 24th to 26th August at Grand Global Hotel in Makerere Kikoni for the 1st two days and the final day at Kololo Independence grounds.

This summit has been organized by youth leaders from across the country led by Hon Loy Rugumayo the Vice President of East African students Union, Hon Kato Joseph Serusiba, Hon Piloya Babra Nyeko, Hon Mushabe Lawrence, among others.

It aims at empowering youths to become productive citizens and good leaders of tomorrow. Senior citizens and leaders are expected to lecture and orient the youths through the different leadership skills and empowerment programs.

The main Speaker and guest of honor of day 1 will be Rt Hon Kasule Lumumba the Minister for special duties in the office of the prime Minister. Given her experience and being a leader since her Youthful times, Hon Kasule will share with the audience her experience and give tips on how one can make it in life successfully.

Day 2 will be graced by the Rt Hon Thomas Tayebwa the Deputy Speaker of Parliament. HON Tayebwa has a clean truck record of being a successful entrepreneur and politician. His experiences are therefore worth to be counted on in helping to empower the future leaders and entrepreneurs of this nation at the summit.

Day 3 of the summit whose events will take place at Kololo Independence grounds will be graced by the Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni the President of the Republic of Uganda. No one doubts the magnitude of experience Gen Museveni has, given the history of his efforts to liberate Uganda in 1986. Since then, he has been at the epitome of leadership in this country guiding the nation to social economic transformation.

Over 200 youth leaders are expected to attend the first two days while day 3 will encompass all youth leaders and students from across the country. Over 5000 youths are also expected to flock Kololo independence grounds on the final day of the summit.

Come and be part of these great events thay may be the game changer in your life as far as prosperity is concerned.

Miss at your own risk

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