Uganda Upgrades From Paper-Based To Polycarbonate E-Passports

Uganda Upgrades From Paper-Based To Polycarbonate E-Passports

The Internal Affairs Ministry has announced an upgrade from paper-based biodata-based electronic passports to polycarbonate ones.

This was revealed by the Director of Citizenship and Immigration Control, Maj Gen Apollo Kasiita Gowa saying the polycarbonate e-passports will have enhanced security features.

“We have completed an upgrade to polycarbonate e-passports. The aim of the upgrade is to ensure enhanced security features, durability as well as conforming to requirements as recommended by the International Civil Aviation Organization(ICAO) and EAC,” Maj Gen Gowa said.

“This implies better quality, easy data verification at various airports by ICAO member states, better data protection and minimal chances of damage.”

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According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, both paper-based and polycarbonate electronic passports will continue to be used but noted that the former will gradually be phased out.

“Both will continue in operation. The paper-based e-passports will continue in use until expiry or when leaflets run out. The upgraded polycarbonate e-passports just like paper-based e-passports have an electromagnetic chip, but the polycarbonate passports have polycarbonate which are tough plastic layers infused together leading to a finished material where personal data is engraved inside the deeper layers of the document with laser.”

According to the Internal Affairs Ministry, the new features give the new polycarbonate passports an edge in data protection and anti-fraud features which make it desirable and easy to use at electronic gates for self-clearance at airports for automated issuance of boarding passes for passengers and full compliance with international security standards and requirement.

The ministry officials noted that the upgrade to polycarbonate has for now been done on only ordinary e-passports with official and diplomatic e-passports still paper-based.

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