Russian President Vladimir Putin Has Cancer And Will Die Very Soon -Ukraine Spy Reveals

Russian President Vladimir Putin Has Cancer And Will Die Very Soon

By Uganda Online Media Correspondent

After the Kremlin leader withdrew from events and the public eye, Ukraine’s Chief of Defense Intelligence said that sources confirmed Vladimir Putin was suffering from cancer. Ukraine’s Chief of Defense Intelligence, Kyrylo Budanov, reported that those close to Putin, 70, confirmed that he has cancer.

Mr Budanov predicted that the Russian president had been sick for a “long period” and would soon pass away.

Both Putin’s annual state address and a visit to a tank-production factory were postponed at the end of last year, prompting the allegations. It was assumed at the time that his health prevented him from making the scheduled appearances. Separately, a new report from Western intelligence agencies says, for no clear reason, that his decision to start his disastrous war in Ukraine was influenced by cancer drugs that made him more egotistical.

Mr Budanov gave an extremely uncommon interview with ABC News where he was asked about Putin’s health and the possibility of missile strikes in Russia and Crimea.

Although he refused to assume personal responsibility for the actions of the Ukrainian armed forces, he insisted that attacks inside Russian territory would continue throughout the year.

Mr Budanov stated that the “conflict must conclude before his death,” implying that the Russian autocrat’s life was in danger.

He predicted that Ukraine would triumph in 2023, claiming that Putin’s demise would benefit the entire world, and urging the West not to “be afraid.”

Asked if the tyrant was “terminally ill,” Mr Budanov said: “Of course.” He has been ill for a long, very long period. I think he will die very fast. I hope.

“I am sure he has cancer.”

He went on to explain that he “simply knew” the leader was ill because he had heard it from “sources close to Putin.”

With so many unconfirmed reports about Putin’s health, some have wondered who may take his place and if Russia would actually gain from his untimely demise. Former MI6 head Sir Alex Younger speculated that Putin’s replacement may come from “the chauvinistic, nationalistic, and possibly fascist right-wing” sections of the Kremlin after a series of domestic Russian pronouncements by Putin late last year were unpopular with the populace.

Earlier this week, Putin slipped and fell down the stairs in his Moscow residence, according to information uncovered by the General SVR Telegram channel. The channel reported that Putin “landed on his coccyx,” tumbled down five steps, flipped onto his side, and slid down two more.

As a result of the severe trauma, he had to defecate uncontrollably due to stomach cancer. The broadcaster pointed out that Putin has gastrointestinal oncology, which causes him to have difficulty digesting. 

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