Main Suspect Confesses Murdering LGBTQ Activist Edwin Chiloba Over Love Triangle

Main Suspect Confesses Murdering LGBTQ Activist Edwin Chiloba Over Love Triangle

By Uganda Online Correspondent

A new twist unravelled in the murder of LGBTQ activist Edwin Chiloba as the prime suspect reportedly confessed to police officers that the motive to commit the heinous crime was fuelled by a love triangle.

According to Langas OCPD John Odhiambo, who spoke to the press, the suspect admitted to killing the activist after he allegedly found out that Chiloba was in an affair with another partner. 

Jackson Odhiambo, the prime suspect in the murder, was Chiloba’s best friend with who he worked and lived in Eldoret. Both Chiloba and his friend were freelance photographers. The best friend also allegedly confessed to colluding with two other friends to orchestrate the murder, dumping the body in a metal box full of women’s clothing, 20 kilometres from their premises. 

Detectives launched a manhunt in search of the two accomplices and also sought to recover the vehicle used to ferry the body. 

In addition, CCTV footage dated December 31, 2022, showed Chiloba revelling at a local club in Eldoret while ushering in the new year.

He was flanked by Odhiambo, who is now being accused of his murder. It was believed that a few hours later, a disagreement ensued between the two before Chiloba was found dead. 

According to neighbours, the two had a quarrel that escalated into a fight. Among the evidence indicating that the two fought was the door’s broken glass. 

Alex Nyamwea, a caretaker of the premises where the two lived, informed the media that the victim had earlier shared plans to vacate the premises. 

“He called to inform me that he had found another apartment and sought to vacate his house. I gave him the keys to the gate as I was in a hurry,” he claimed.  

Nyamwea also indicated that Odhiambo continued to use the deceased’s phone hours after – to give a false impression that all was well.

“He called using Chiloba’s number and heard his friend’s voice. I used to believe the two were brothers. They have lived together for over a year,” he added. 

The suspect will be arraigned as soon as the investigations are completed. 

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