Over 58 Die, 190 Injured In Road Accidents During Christmas- Police Confirms

By Uganda Online Media

Kampala: At least 58 people perished in road accidents across the country during the Christmas season.

This has been confirmed by the Traffic Police Directorate spokesperson, Faridah Nampiima saying police recorded over 195 accidents across the country.

While addressing the media, Nampiima said a total of 195 accidents were registered between December 23 and 26 and that out of these, 51 were fatal, 93 serious, and 51 minor accidents.

“There were 248 accident victims during the period and out of these, 58 persons died and 190 sustained injuries. Of the dead, seven were drivers, 16 seriously injured whereas four pedal cyclists died, four were seriously injured and 17 motorcyclists died,” Nampiima said.

According to Nampiima 12 passengers on motorcycles died whereas 33 were seriously injured. She noted that no passenger traveling in taxis died although 14 were seriously injured.

Police said that no accident happened at known blackspots because they had adequately deployed personnel those points.

Meanwhile, a total of 3070 traffic offenders were arrested and issued Express Penalty Scheme tickets for various offenses at checkpoints in across the country. 

Nampiima noted that 644 were penalized for reckless driving, 422 for driving vehicles in dangerous mechanical conditions, 235 for having invalid driving licenses, 164 for overspeeding and 157 for not wearing seat belts among other traffic offenses,” Nampiima said.

Nampiima said police are still conducting operations to keep people safe on the roads until the end of the festive season.

“We remind all road users to stay vigilant and careful while on the roads. Avoid reckless driving since it is the major cause of accidents and fatalities.” she added.

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