Ignore Baseless Rumors: PPDA Boss Turamye Rubbishes Allegations Of Corruption, Using Fake Academic Papers


By Uganda Online Media

Kampala: For days now, reports have taken social media by storm with allegations against Executive Director Public Procurement and Disposal of assets Authority (PPDA), Canon Benson Turamye accusing him of not only using his office to fleece billions of money from unsuspecting foreign and local investors but that, he’s also occupying the office using fake academic papers, that’s according to Daily Post story run on December 20th titled : “Peddling Corruption: PPDA boss Tumuramye in trouble over corruption, fake academic papers”

On top of accusations of using fake academic papers, reports allege that Turamye has now been dragged to the IGG office by an anonymous whistleblower seeking probe against him and his counterpart at National Water and sewerage corporation (NWSC) Dr. Silver Byamugisha, claiming the two were allegedly involved in blocking an investigation into a dubious procurement deal where NWSC procured water prepaid meters with functionality issues at a cost of Shs17 billion.

It is alleged that PPDA’s Turamye summarily closed the multibillion worth of tax payers’ money at NWSC fake procurement deal and instead exploited ways on how he could benefit from the same!

The reports add that the deal would now have NWSC Boss Dr. Silver Mugisha promote Turamye’s wife so that on the other hand Turamye kills the investigation into the messy deal, in a tit-for-tat style.

”Ruth Kembabazi, Turamye’s wife had been recruited by NWSC as a senior Internal Auditor on August 6, 2018, at a salary scale of 3.1. However, in a surprise move that shocked senior staff at NWSC, Mugisha abruptly promoted Kembabazi to Senior Compliance Officer on September 2, 2020, earning her a salary scale of 3.10, which is almost the salary scale of principal officers at NWSC,” claimed the whistle blower.

The quoted whistleblower said Dr.Mugisha ignored to promote the staff who had worked for five years, and opted for Kembabazi in order to mute the forensic PPDA investigation as agreed with Turamye.

The whistleblower also alleged that it is these stalled investigations that led to the fallout between former NWSC board chairman Eng Christopher Ebal.

”The jilted staff at NWSC still wonder what special qualifications, skills and experience Kembabazi possessed to attain to be promoted in a period of just two years at NWSC,” states the reports.

Allegations add that on the other hand, the rest of PPDA investigators have never forgiven Turamye for aborting the investigation and are calling for a hammer to fall on his head after accusations of being cited in other shabby dealings.

Turamye has worked at PDDA for more than 10 years before he was appointed by the board to the position of CEO. However, the latest allegations on him involving NWSC could drag NWSC into mad given that Eng. Mugisha and his predecessor have worked hard to turn around the corporation.

Turamye’s Response

When our reporter contacted him for a comment on the allegations, Turamye rubbished the whole saga calling it ‘total lies’ meant to malign him for yet to be known reasons.

”It’s total lies. I have already instructed my lawyers to sue for defamation, character assassination and mudslinging. You must have seen a similar story last week. All are lies,” said Turamye.

NWSC ED Eng. Mugisha Speaks Out 

In the same vein, Eng. Mugisha has responded, trashing his alleged involvement in the melee as thus; ”Since this matter has been thrown into the public domain, I prefer to relay facts, first:
(1) NWSC procured prepaid meters for Government institutions about 8yrs ago.

(2) The meters (and systems) developed functionality challenges within 2yrs of operation, which was unusual.

(3) NWSC took administrative measures with the supplier to mitigate any financial loss to the corporation. This involved withholding equivalent payments to the supplier and cashing performance security

(4) About 3yrs ago, PPDA carried out a comprehensive performance audit on the matter, in accordance with the law. PPDA report returned a raft of measures and recommendations that NWSC management and Board, have since acted on fully.

(5) NWSC is currently developing its own prepaid meter technology, based on experiences we have had with prepaid meters.
(6) Similar allegations were brought to the floor of the 10th Parliament. We gave our correct side of the story and it was understood.”

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