You’re Just Busybodies Talking Nonsense- ICT Minister Baryomunsi Trashes Erias Lukwago, Lawyer Mabirizi Over Comments On Uganda Hosting AFCON

ICT Minister Baryomunsi Trashes Erias Lukwago, Lawyer Mabirizi Over Comments On Uganda Hosting AFCON

The Minister for ICT and National Guidance, Dr. Chris Baryomunsi has blasted Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago and city lawyer Male Mabirizi over their negative comments on Uganda and East Africa after winning the Pamoja bid to host the African Cup Of Nations 2027.

Dr. Baryomunsi has since described the two as busy bodies talking nonsense and Ugandans should not give them the least of attention.

“In Greek history, there was a man called Herostratus who was a young man who set fire on a cathedral(the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus) just to become famous. That is the same case with Mabirizi. He wants to do controversial things so that he is discussed,” Baryomunsi said.

According to Baryomunsi, Lukwago is seeking media attention with no achievement to show Ugandans for all the years he has been in leadership.

“For my friend the Lord Mayor wants attention of the media. He is the mayor of the city but what has he done for Kampala for the years he has been leading it? He started as an MP then became a mayor. He should be telling Ugandans what he has done ever since they gave him their votes. Let him show the facilities he has developed.”

Continental football governing body, CAF last week announced East Africa as winners of the bid to host the African Nations Cup causing mixed reactions especially on social media.

Kampala Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago recently said the ruling NRM government wants to use the 2027 AFCON finals to get political mileage ahead of the 2026 general election.

Meanwhile, city lawyer, Male Mabirizi wrote to CAF asking the continental football governing body to exclude Uganda from hosting the most prestigious football tournament on the continent.

“I therefore request that you reverse the decision so Uganda is excluded from organizing the 2027 African Cup of Nations. As a federation, you are required to stand with Ugandans during this dictatorship and despotic turmoil,” Mabirizi said in his petition.

Responding to Mabirizi’s petition, Dr Baryomunzi instead advised him and his counterpart to focus on things that develop them and the country at large than seeking relevancy.

“Mabirizi can write as many as a thousand letters but will amount to nothing. The team did assessment and considered us to be able to host AFCON. Some people critique and make comments for the sake of being covered by the media. The statements by Mabirizi and Lord Mayor are just hogwash that Ugandans should not waste their time on,” he said.

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