Tycoon Ham Kiggundu nears completion of Nakivubo stadium


Photos from Nakivubo show Uganda’s 35000 seater stadium project has garnered momentum and doesn’t have a long way to go before being completed.
The mega arena is being developed by Ugandan young businessman Hamis Kiggundu, who believes Nakivubo won’t be just a stadium in the heart of Kampala but rather a legacy.

The huge sports infrastructural investment worth billions of shillings is undertaken by Roko Construction Company Limited.

Mr Kiggundu commonly referred to as Ham, urges Ugandans to develop their country because “it is our responsibility as Ugandans to develop our motherland.”

“From a realistic and reasonable point of view this is not just a stadium but a legacy and clear illustration to all Ugandans that if Uganda is to develop it’s our responsibility as Ugandans to develop our motherland,” Ham said.

The stunning pictures and videos of Nakivubo under construction disprove negative comments which have been flying around sponsored by business rivals how the stadium suffered stillbirth.

The Nakivubo Project manager Aine Agaba said the stadium will be ready by 2021.

Minister of Sport Hon Hamson Obua, who toured the facility in downtown Kampala sometime back was confident of the stadium’s progress.

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