Starving Lawyer Mabirizi Asks For Food While Appearing In court

Starving Lawyer Mabirizi Asks For Food While Appearing In court

By Uganda online Media

Kampala: Troubled city lawyer Male Mabirizi who is currently on remand in Kitalya Prison failed to proceed in court on Tuesday revealing that he was starving.

While appearing before the Buganda Road Magistrates’ Court, the jailed lawyer, who is facing charges of offensive communication, told the court he is not in the proper state for questioning because he is hungry after going a whole day without eating.

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According to Mabirizi, he didn’t eat anything on Monday because he was brought from Kitalya Min Max Prison in the Wakiso district and taken to the High Court, where he was following up on some of his other cases. But afterward, he was taken to Luzira Maximum Security Upper Prison, where he spent a night without eating anything up to the time he was brought to court.

Mabirizi said he left all his food at Kitalya including boxes of biscuits and that he had paid for food for ten days and also paid Shs7,000 for chapati.

He told the court that everything at Luzira Upper Prison is a mess before making a plea to the court seeking transfer from Luzira Maximum Prison to Kitalya, where he was committed by the High Court.

In February this year, Justice Musa Ssekaana sentenced Mabirizi to serve 18 months for having been found guilty of contempt of court because of using his social media platforms to abuse judicial officers.

Mabirizi’s troubles follow a January 27th, 2022 ruling when Musa Sekaana ordered Mabirizi to pay a fine of shs300 million for contempt of court following his posts on his social media platforms attacking the Civil Divisions Judge Philip Odoki.

Sekaana noted that the controversial lawyer had made it a hobby to attack the judicial institution by endlessly threatening the institution’s officials and the institution at large.

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