Some Buganda Land Board Officials Are Fraudsters Who Want To Steal My Land- City Businessman Hamis Kiggundu Reveals

By Uganda Online Media

Kampala: Businessman Hamis Kiggundu aka Ham has blasted some Buganda Land Board(BLB) officials for engaging in media propaganda regarding his contention with the Buganda Kingdom over his land in Kigo.

“My claim is on public land with freehold land titles well as BLB’s claim is on milo land, then why is BLB not open to joint boundary opening to draw the line between public land and milo land instead of stripping that low to media propaganda, character assassination and protection of a few BLB land fraudsters….Are these the moral values we want to teach our future generations,” Kiggundu noted

Kiggundu has over the last couple of months engaged in a land wrangle with BLB which escalated when the two parties went to court.

It’s worth noting that Ham had previously given up on the contested land in Kigo to avoid fighting with His Kabaka whom he loves so much however, he realised that the Mafias in Buganda Land Board wanted him to give up the land so that they can sell it to Indians.

“Effective today, I have abandoned the land despite having acquired it in the right procedures. I leave it to the Kingdom in good faith and you will never hear me again contest for it. I have abandoned the land to preserve my respect as a Muganda,” Ham said in March.

The land in question is situated on Block 273-Kyadondo, between Serena Hotel Kigo and Mirembe Villas.

According to Kiggundu, there are people at BLB who are using the conflict to fight him hiding under Kabaka.

“These fraudsters have grabbed the land for the locals, and they include people working for the Buganda Land Board, who include, a man named Bashir Kizito, he works as a district land surveyor for Wakiso district, and at the same time surveyor, head of mapping for Buganda Land Board. He is the one who makes a report at Mengo, verifies it and takes it to the district, and approves it himself. You can’t say that one person can be responsible for attaching signatures on three different documents for the same cause, like making a report, approaching and verifying . It means that there is a conflict of interest and I call upon Buganda Kingdom to investigate and probe Kizito Bashir, such that the law takes its own course,” Kiggundu added.

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