Silent Voices Expose ‘Rotten Plans’ Discussed During US-Africa Summit To Continue Using Africans As Guinea Pigs For Deadly Medicine Trials, Petitions EALA For Intervention

Silent Voices Exposes 'Rotten Plans' Discussed During US-Africa Summit To Continue Using Africans As Guinea Pigs For Deadly Medicine Trials, Petitions EALA For Intervention

By Uganda Online Media

Kampala: Silent Voices Initiative, through Uganda’s 1st Deputy Prime Minister in charge of East African Community affairs (EAC), Rt Hon. Rebbeca Alitwala Kadaga has petitioned the East Africa Legislative Assembly (EALA) speaker tasking him to mobilize regional community members to guard against looming danger paused by the western powers and their local agents, which if unchecked, will leave an unforgettable impact on African humanity.

Silent Voices Initiative, is an Association of women in Uganda who have been victims of the unbridled proliferation of western drugs and medical procedures leaving behind death, permanent infirmity, pain, and grief.

The petition which our Spy chanced on titled ”Intervention to protect the East African people and investments against ‘harm’ & sabotage” claims that the recently concluded US-Africa Summit called by US president Joe Biden had a session of closed-door meetings which locked out the media, in which ‘real issues’ were discussed.

“There’s a deliberate and concerted effort by forces in the western world and a few of their collaborators here to continue using Africans as guinea pigs for treatment trial and dumping of sub-standard pharmaceuticals, as well as use, forced medical procedures,” says a source who preferred anonymity.

The petitioners say there is a greater danger that without proper monitoring and accountability, the outcome of the summit will expose East Africa and Africa to the proliferation of trial and substandard dumped drugs in the health sector and many foreign NGOs and their local agencies vying for a piece of the donations.

The petitioners raise a case in point of one Renee Batch, a US missionary who allegedly set up a charity organization in Jinja under the guise of improving nutrition among Ugandan children but ended up offering treatment without qualification which they term a murderous act, which reportedly resulted in the loss of lives of children, in their hundreds.

Silent Voices Initiative’s Petition To EALA

”At least 105 children died at the centre over several years while everything was disguised as a charity,” claims the petitioners adding, ”up to now there has been no accountability and justice for the victims and of this murderous and horrific medical colonialism and dehumanizing of Ugandans.”

Petitioners further state thus, ”the media has been awash with reports of foreign agents bribing and forcing parents to sign off their children into permanent adoption to the new parents in the USA with their biological parents hoodwinked into signing the documents without properly comprehending their legal consequences; many cases of vaccines for children in Kenya containing infertility enhancing chemicals, cases of failed vaccines trials with disastrous consequences. The story is the same from Tanzania to Nigeria-untold sufferings and pain of African people”.

It’s from the above background that the petitioners requested the EALA speaker to consider discussing the need for an East African-wide regulatory framework to protect Africans from the harm caused by the unbridled proliferation of western agencies in cohort with their local agents in order to protect and preserve life and uphold the rights of the marginalized, especially women and children.

They also want EALA to take all the appropriate measures to ensure justice and accountability for the victims of a US missionary in Uganda and ensure appropriate steps are being taken across East Africa to prevent the re-occurrence of similar cases to save the lives of innocent African children.

”The East African Legislative Assembly should develop guidelines for grants and donations to the East African Governments, particularly where the development partners and donors deliberately avoid scrutiny and monitoring by the relevant Government agencies and choose to send huge amounts of money directly to Foreign NGOs and their local agents,” petition guides read.

The petitioners say the guidelines will ensure that foreign multinational firms do not take advantage of unsuspecting members of the community especially given the various incidents of dishonest experimentation, lacking properly informed consent, and forced medical procedures.

The organizers told our reporter that they plan to officially petition Ugandan Parliament when the house opens next week. “We have already sent our petition to African Union (AU) in Adis Ethiopia via DHL. We also intend to petition the Ugandan parliament next week, among others,” added the source.

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