President Museveni Questions Foreigners Seeking To Mine Uganda’s Uranium

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Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has said that he recently received a visit from a mining company based in the Western countries seeking to dig up Uranium from his country.

Museveni on Wednesday said he asked the Western company where they were planning to take the uranium once successfully mined.

“A Western company came and proposed to mine uranium. Mine it and take it where?” he posed.

Museveni said the Western firm sought to mine the uranium to export it.

He said the Western firm told him they would export the mineral and use it to generate nuclear energy for electricity and medicine.

“Have you heard a rumour that there are human beings here in Uganda who need electricity?” Museveni asked the Western company.

Museveni said the Western miners vanished once they he asked them who lacks electricity in Uganda.

This comes as Uganda has been gearing away from Western culture and aid, embracing the Russians and Chinese from the East.

On July 26, Museveni joined other African leaders for the 2nd Russia-Africa summit which took place at St Petersburg in Russia.

During the first session of the summit, Museveni called on Russia and other African allies to help the continent do away with the exportation of raw materials by supporting Africa’s industrialization agenda.

Museveni termed the exportation of raw materials as “modern slavery and the remaining major bottleneck of neo-colonialism”.

He said setting up industries in Africa will boost people’s income, and enhance the population’s purchasing power.

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