President Museveni Meets Nexus Green Officials Over Solar-Powered Irrigation

President Museveni Meets Nexus Green Officials Over Solar Irrigation

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni yesterday August 15th, 2023, met and held discussions with a delegation from Nexus Green led by their chairperson, Baroness Sandip Verma who is also the former UK Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for International Development.

The group briefed the President on the status of several projects that are ongoing in different parts of the country.

The projects undertaken by Nexus Green include solar-powered irrigation, Lopei Multipurpose Dam as well as a collaboration with The Ministry of Defence on solar power initiative among others.

Nexus Green Ltd is a Ugandan-based solar energy company supplying, manufacturing and delivering affordable solar-powered solutions designed for over 458 million people in East Africa.

President Museveni has been emphasising the use of irrigation to boost production and stabilise agriculture in the country as well as enabling the manufacturing of solar-powered water pumps to ensure the realization of both sustainable irrigation and agro-production.

During the meeting, the President said irrigation supported by solar-powered water pumps is very crucial since it would prolong the growing time of crops in Uganda.

“Instead of having two seasons we can have four seasons,” President Museveni said.

“Although we get a lot of rain, sometimes it delays but solar-powered water pumps remove all this, that is why they are very important,” he added.

On her part, Baroness Sandip Verma thanked the President for his continued support to see the company yield tangible progress with some of the projects ready for commissioning.

She also revealed that they are already setting up a factory that will manufacture solar-powered water pumps locally.

In their continuous bid to support green energy and E-mobility, the delegation also informed President Museveni that under their Green Hub Kampala Project, they are in a plan to start making environmentally friendly electric motorcycles that are suitable for Uganda’s terrain.

In response, H.E Museveni said, “For the cars, we are making but for the bikes, you can manufacture.”

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