Police Arrest Five People For Disguising As ADF Rebels Threatening To Attack Villages & Schools

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Police have confirmed the arrest of five men who disguised as ADF rebels to write anonymous letters threatening to attack several schools, villages and tea farms in Kabarole district.

“We are together with Uganda. We, the ADF army, wish to inform the general public of Uganda that we are determined to execute our ghastly attack, and we are coming to clear everything, including people. We are done with Mpondwe School in Kasese District, and soon, we are ascending to Kabarole in schools like Kiamara, Busolo, and Tamteco Company, Kaswa Centre, and Mpanga Company. We will come at exactly 3 am to sweep every corner with no mercy, jokes, fear, or favour,” the leaflets in Kiswahili read.

However, according to police spokesperson, Fred Enanga, the Police Flying Squad and a UPDF team from the Mountain Division tracked down the men who were sending messages and anonymous letters to locals in Kabarole.

“They were also using a phone to make calls to members of the business community, school heads and tea farmers threatening them that they were part of ADF numbering 30 with five guns and that they were using Kiamara forest bordering Kabarole District and DRC ,” Enanga said.

He explained that security used the number that the five suspects were using to make phone calls to businessmen in Kabarole to track them until they were arrested from Kabarole district.

“The five men will face charges of making threats of violence in form of terror attacks.”

Whereas the arrest of the five alleys fears of locals in Kabarole, the police spokesperson warned members of the public that such anonymous threatening messages are currently on the rise where perpetrators threaten to attack villages using text messages, social media, phone calls and voice recordings.

He however warned members of the public against this vice that he said creates fear among members of the public.

“As security we take every threat seriously and anyone found will be charged with making threats of violence in form of terror attacks. We also want to assure communities in areas of Bundibugyo, Ntoroko, Kabarole and Kasese that we are committed and dedicated to securing their safety and security.”

The development comes on the backdrop of two senior one students who were last week arrested by police for authoring an anonymous letter threatening to attack their own school after management punished them over indiscipline.

The two students including Innocent Mwesigye, 16 and Amon Ayebare, 17 both senior one students at St. Charles Lwanga Secondary School in Sheema admitted on arrest by security that they wrote the anonymous letter in which they signed off as ADF rebels in order to scare the school administration for having punished them after one of the dormitory captains reported them for indiscipline.

These developments come after an attack by ADF rebel cum terrorist group on Lubiriha secondary school in Kasese last month in which over 40 students were killed.

The terrorists in the night attack first killed the night watchman before descending on both the girls’ and boys’ dormitories that they hatched the girls but also set the boys on fire.

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