Pictorial: How City Tycoon Hamis Kiggundu Has Transformed ‘Historical’ Nakivubo Into A Modern Stadium &Kampala’s Skyline


By Uganda Online Media

If you have not been to downtown Kampala in recent weeks, well you need to take a tour around and see how city businessman Hamis Kiggundu aka Ham has transformed the city through the redevelopment of the historical Nakivubo memorial into a modern Stadium that has already become a legacy for generations to come.

Speaking to our reporter Ham recently revealed that the multi-billion project is almost done adding that the fully renovated sports facility will host football matches before the end of this year.

Ham also revealed the stadium’s exterior façade of the seating arena and drainage works are now complete further imploring Ugandans to embrace a mentality of belief in such mega projects.

“The hardest bit of work is done and what is left is to complete the different utilities going to be hosted at the stadium,” Ham said recently.

“The Nakivubo redevelopment project is not just a sports project; this is a legacy. If I can, you too can do more to make Uganda a successful country with reason. Oftentimes, multimillion-dollar projects are given to foreigners but with the progress of the redevelopment, I want to create a mindset shift that we can also do it.” Ham added.

Built to modern standards, the 40,000-seater Nakivubo Stadium will be a reminder of the old good days for football lovers.

“We have followed modern stadium trends from all over the world in whatever we have included in the construction of this facility because we didn’t want visiting teams to have excuses with anything regarding the facility. So, from the turf to the dressing rooms to the stands and everything else will be completed to international standards,” Ham said.

After completion, Nakivubo will feature a gym, medical facility, restaurants and other amenities with several sports disciplines such as football, volleyball, athletics and boxing, among others.

Nakivubo will be a multipurpose stadium making it Kampala’s most famous and iconic ground with unique amenities like lifts for the physically handicapped, cinema halls, an area for indoor games like Table Tennis and Pool, VIP boxes which can be booked by a group of people on top of ordinary sitting, VVIP and executive boxes on the first tier. The executive boxes seat about 20 people each with extra amenities like self-contained lavatories, sofa sets, a conference room, and a resting area. Each category of fans will have its own entry and exit points.

Additionally, the stadium will also have multi-level parking able to accommodate over 1,000 cars on top of other amenities like restaurants, gyms, and facilities for people with disabilities (PWDs).

Behind the goalposts on one end will be a netball court while on the other a basketball court. There will be no running track as had earlier been planned following architectural changes.

“Netball was one of the games played on this facility and it has gained popularity in the country, so we shall also cater for them with a court,”

The home and visiting teams will have a medical section room each, on top of dressing rooms that can seat up to 30 people each. There are also enough showers that can be used by all players of both sides on top of two referees’ rooms and lockers, and change rooms for all stadium support staff including ball boys who also have their rooms and amenities just like the kit’s men. There is also an allowance for a gym and a boxing ring under the stands.

Parking for service vehicles like ambulances and those of the VIPs are catered for including residential rooms for 80 people for teams that might want to stay for residential training.

The stadium will also have a big screen and floodlights as well as security cameras installed around the stadium.

Here is The Pictorial Update Of Nakivubo Stadium Near Completion

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