Pictorial! Hamis Kuggundu Silences Haters As Nakivubo Stadium Redevelopment Nears Completion

Pictorial! Hamis Kuggundu Updates Ugandans On Progress As Nakivubo Stadium Redevelopment Nears Completion

City Businessman Hamis Kiggundu aka Ham has given new hopes to sports lovers in Uganda that the redevelopment of Nakivubo stadium will be done sooner than later.

The tireless young tycoon made the revelation on social media saying he does not look at the multi-billion redevelopment as a sports project but rather as a legacy and a realistic illustration to his fellow Ugandans

”Nakivubo Redevelopment Project is not just a sports project, this is a legacy. If I can, you too can do more to make Uganda a successful country with Reason. For God and my Country,” Ham said in a tweet

The redevelopment undertaken by Roko Construction Firm steadily began working in early 2017, and the onsite engineer Ivan Sewankambo told the press in early 2021 that almost 70% of the construction was complete, including the VIP pavilion but has been delayed by several setbacks including the structural review, which stalled for almost a year and Covid-19 lockdowns which affected operations as several workers found it hard to access the site, which inspired the contractor to suspend works for almost half a year.

Take A Look At The newly Redeveloped Nakivubo Stadium To Be Unveiled Soon

But that’s no longer a problem, the good news is that Ugandans especially sports lovers will enjoy the magnificent stadium, built on international standards with modern sports facilities like a tennis court, swimming pools and basketball arenas in addition to body-building parlours and saunas.

The multi-billion state-of-the-art stadium will also have a football playground, a two-level pavilion, netball grounds, two suspended floors and a rooftop with provisions for evacuating people to safety in case of danger in the stadium since arcades and shopping malls surround it.

According to Ham, the magnificent refurbishings will give Uganda’s War Memorial Stadium an extensive and impressive facelift on top of revolutionalizing the country’s sports sector, amidst relentless demands for modern sports facilities by citizens.

The stadium is also built to have a sitting capacity of 35,000 spectators with three entrances to the gate. These include one that will ply the facility from Ssebana Kizito Road and two gates along Kafumbe-Mukasa road above other emergency exits.

Ham’s aim to redevelop the stadium was to exert considerable ground-breaking creative efforts and excellent technical know-how that will enable the stadium to meet standards set by the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA), on top of being one of the bests sports facilities in the African continent

The redeveloped stadium will also have facilities for people with disabilities (PWDs) and multi-level parking facilities to accommodate thousands of cars, with the pitch 1.5m higher than the Kafumbe-Mukasa road, and 3.5m lower than Ssebana Kizito road to mitigate impacts of flooding.

The pitch also presents four zones for different categories of people including Very Important Persons (VIPs), among others.

Initially, the redevelopment of this project had been blocked by several city tycoons who claimed the deal was illegally awarded to Ham, but later on, backed off after learning that then Kampala Minister Hon. Betty Kamya had issued an order permitting Kiggundu to revamp the facility which is yet to be unveiled.

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