NDA Cautions General Public Against Deadly Power Coffee That Causes Heart Attack


The National Drug Authority (NDA) has cautioned the general public against the consumption of L-Power Coffee that could cause possible heart attack.

According to NDA the warning comes after laboratory tests conducted that confirmed its adulteration and potential cardiac problems.

L-Power Coffee had been marketed as a nutritional supplement but was found to contain undisclosed ingredients, raising concerns about its safety.

Additionally, the NDA highlighted the dangers of Tadalafil, a drug commonly used for erectile dysfunction.

The authority emphasized that Tadalafil should only be used under the strict supervision and instructions of qualified medical professionals due to its serious side effects, which include extreme respiratory and cardiac problems, urinary disorders, and even the possibility of leading to coma or death.

The NDA’s imports control team took action by intercepting a consignment of L-Power Coffee, which had been disguised as nutritional supplements.

This discovery prompted the NDA to collaborate with other law enforcement agencies to further investigate the matter.

The aim of the ongoing investigation is to ensure that those responsible for the adulteration and distribution of potentially harmful products are held accountable for their actions.

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