“My Aim Was Not Supporting Museveni But Scooping Ugx400m T-Shirt Funds” – Gashumba Exposes Self, Reveals Why No Nonsense Namyalo Fired Him From ONC

"My Aim Was Not Supporting Museveni But Scooping Ugx400m T-Shirt Funds" - Gashumba Exposes Self, Reveals Why No Nonsense Namyalo Fired Him From ONC

It must be a dark moment for faded socialite Frank Gashumba who is battling huge criticism following his claims that he is the initiator of the popular ‘Jaaja Tova Ku Main’ slogan used by the Office of National Chairman (ONC) to persuade HE. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to stand again for Presidency in 2026.

Gashumba is accused by furious Ugandans of using ‘a mafialism method’ as his way of survival. They say he is making ‘noise’ to attract the attention of Museveni’s most hardworking advisor and head of ONC Hajjat Hadija Namyalo, a trick that is seemingly not going to work, but anyway, to save your precious time, let’s dive into the gist of the matter and reveal to you the circus behind Gashumba’s war against the workaholic Namyalo and ONC in general.

After months of total silence, Gashumba last month bounced on social media with all sorts of accusations against ONC among them including claims that they [ONC] are illegally using ‘his’ slogans “Omalako Jaajja Tova Ku Main”, “Sigala Ku Ballot” and without fear for shame, he rushed matters to Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) that called the two parties for dialogue.

Appearing before the URSB tribunal on Monday, 17th July 2023, Namyalo made it clear that she developed the phrases; “Omalako Jajja Tova Ku Main Sigala Ku Ballot: Jajja, We Command You to Stand Again in 2026 and Beyond Bazzukulu Ba Museveni” together with a group of NRM youth members based on “our own creativity and ingenuity.”

”It’s publicly known that it was initiated by me and it has since gained significant recognition and it’s just shameful that someone can come at the last minute to claim its ownership after it has gone viral.”

“Let it rain or shine, no one will stand in our way to destruct us from the main agenda of bringing our President Museveni back to the ballot in 2026. Their intentions aim to confuse Ugandans so that they lose focus on Museveni. They will try all games but we shall win them and finally be back with our Jaaja in 2026,” Namyalo vowed not to succumb to Gashumba’s tactics.

-It’s Not About The Slogan But Money-

After stepping out of the URSB tribunal, Gashumba was quick to address the media and spit out his anger this time not claiming the ownership of the slogan but ‘crying’ for the multimillion deal he missed when he printed poor quality t-shirts for Museveni’s bazzukulu.

Gashumba helplessly ‘cried’ to the media thus; ”I had targeted something bigger in 2026 campaigns. She diverted my deal to someone else. I had stocked 800 million t-shirts [remember the entire population of Uganda has 45 million], I had even bought a printer to execute this t-shirt deal.”

-You Lacked Capability To Give Us Quality-

Our insider sources at ONC intimated to this site that the reason why Namyalo kicked Gashumba out of her office was because of dozens of reasons including;

  • Fetching millions every now and again to print t-shirts but only bring the poorest quality that would fade in just days.
  • Gashumba had convinced Namyalo that he has well-established stationery to execute the deal whereas not. The source says Gashumba would come to pick the money, then go hire amateurs at Nasser Road then pay them peanuts and pocket the huge chunk and that’s why his t-shirts’ quality was always poor.
  • On top of all this, Gashumba is said to be a money-minded person who would only come to the ONC office and threaten Hajjat Namyalo to give him money or else he will cross to the Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s wing something he finally fulfilled.

-Museveni Prophesies: Gen Muhoozi’s Closest People Are Just Money Minded-

President Museveni ‘prophesied’ recently that some of the members of the MK Movement are self-seekers.

After being fired by no-nonsense Hajjat Namyalo, Gashumba swiftly crossed to MK (Muhoozi Kainerugaba) Movement to search for greener pastures which bring out Museveni’s prophecy as naked truth that indeed MK members are not loyal to him but just praising him so that he gives them money.

“But of course, some of the things (Gen) Muhoozi doesn’t know is that some of his members are looking for their own interests. Some are looking for this, some are looking for that,” Museveni said during the NRM caucus retreat at Kyankwanzi last month.

-Ugandans React To Gashumba’s Claims-

Some Ugandans were quick to blast Gashumba over his claims of ownership of ‘Tova Ku Main’ and 800m t-shirts he said had been printed and were now in stock; below are some tweets by furious netizens.

@MBruce256; 800 million t-shirts for a population of about 45 million

@kimbugwekizito: Btw this guy used to tell mbu tawagira M7 era mbu awagira Besigye. Why would you do work for a person you deny in public that you don’t support him?

@lubegatony: Ono mufelle, please take him…800m t.shirt for whose population.

@delecktc: how do u anticipate that someone is going to give u business and u start working on it without approval? especially nga it’s that big.

@besigyepius: Even the son will dump him!

@Remmywicky: These r the people his father was warning him about

@NativeUgandan” How much does one shirt cost? this sabafere also.

@Ssembatya: Self-seeker is the word.

@AN1AaronVJ: nup baakuvuma nrm baakubba. kati ogoinga wwa?.

@Barnabasexcel: Munoonye emirimu mukole muve mukubalira ku ssente zomuwi womusolo. Obwo bu banner nange mbukola bwalayisi 20k per meter but sabafere abala kufunilako 5 billions of taxpayers money.

Disclaimer: The opinions, views grievances, and statements made/expressed in the above tweets are not for the editor or administrators of this site.

Who Is Gashumba?

Frank Gashumba real name Frank Malingumu Gashumba, is Kampala’s socialite whose exact job is not known.

Gashumba’s life is surrounded by controversies and known by many as a braggart who will seize any opportunity to seek media attention. He has been caught up in many scandals, and to some people, Gashumba is believed to have generated much of his earnings from the illicit business.

Between 2006 and 2008, Gashumba was charged on different counts before the Buganda Road Court for forgery, malicious damage of property and obtaining money by false pretence, from Abdul Ssali amounting to 800,000 Uganda shillings.

Gashumba is a spy agent, working for Rwanda government
Gashumba On Handcuffs

In February 2011, Gashumba was convicted at Buganda Road Court for attempting to defraud DFCU Bank, of over 178m Uganda shillings. Buganda Road Court found Gashumba had, though unsuccessfully, tried to conspire to defraud DFCU Bank, and he was fined 1m Uganda Shillings.

On October 3, 2011, Gashumba allegedly attempted to defraud a Turkish firm, EYG Group of about shs80bn ($28m), while impersonating as a government official, and again he was arrested and detained at Central Police Station.

In this case, it was alleged that Gashumba alongside John Batte aka Otim, and Timothy Ssebuguzi laid a conspiracy to defraud Akin CakMark of more than $28m equivalent to shs84bn. Reports say; the three individuals uttered false documents to supply the Uganda government with 58 fire trucks.

But later on, the three were acquitted of the case for lack of evidence.

Now, being a man whose job is not known, it’s said that Gashumba’s only source of income is through these illicit deals, but anyway, this site can’t confirm this allegation.

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