Museveni Applauds China’s Tech Giant Huawei For Advancing Uganda’s Technology Journey

Museveni Applauds China's Tech Giant Huawei For Advancing Uganda's Technology Journey

President Museveni has commended Chinese tech giant Huawei Technologies for transforming Uganda’s journey in technology over the years.

“Digital innovation is making things more efficient, faster while enabling traceability and that is why I support the idea of digitizing government processes, ”Museveni said.

The president said  his invitation in the early 2000s for Huawei to start work in Uganda has paid off.

“I agreed with Huawei in China to come and do the digital backbone.”

The president made the remarks on Tuesday as he officiated at the opening ceremony for the second annual ICT Job Fair organized by Huawei in partnership with the Ministry of ICT and National Guidancee.

The National ICT Job Fair looks at addressing the youth unemployment question in Uganda through the ICT sector by providing  the much-needed platform for the youth to directly connect with employers while at the same time uncover employment opportunities, internships, apprenticeships, and training programs in the vibrant ICT sector as captured in the two day event theme: “Navigating the Digital Horizon”.

The Charge d’affairs ad Interim of the People’s Republic of China to Uganda, Fan Xuecheng commended Huawei Technologies contributions to the growth of the economy.

“Our objective is to support growth. This is why since 2001 Huawei has been providing quality ICT infrastructure to support growth. Also up to 70 per cent of Huawei Technologies employees here are Ugandans,” Xuecheng said.

“We will also continue to support Huawei and other Chinese companies in actively connecting with Uganda’s national development strategy through Buy Uganda and Build Uganda. I am sure Huawei Uganda will continue to work for sustainable development of Uganda ICT human resources. Being a proud leader in the construction, research and development of ICT infrastructure, Huawei’s success in Uganda is a token of the China-Uganda comprehensive cooperative partnership.”

The Huawei Uganda Managing Director, Sunrise, said: “Huawei offered 15 internship positions with all of them now full-time Huawei employees. This year we will continue to offer 15 more internship opportunities. We will also provide 500 advanced ICT technologies training quotas for free for those who register with us at this job fair ending tomorrow.”

“I believe that ICTs will make significant contributions to Uganda’s economic development and people’s well-being. Together let us build an intelligent Uganda.”

The Minister for ICT and National Guidance, Dr. Chris Baryomunsi, recognised Huawei Technologies role in solving the unemployment question which he describes as “a big challenge”, noting that ICT can play a big part in solving the unemployment problem facing the youth.

“As the custodians of our nation’s development, it is our responsibility to provide our young people with opportunities that will not only empower them but also contribute to the growth of our country. The ICT sector is pivotal in this endeavor. Investments in ICT infrastructure will propel this sector forward,” Dr Baryomunsi said.

The Minister of State for ICT, Joyce Ssebugwawo said the event is a collaborative effort between the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance and Huawei Technologies and it reflects the country’s collective commitment to addressing youth unemployment in Uganda, particularly in the dynamic field of Information and Communication Technology.

“It is important to underscore the significance of this endeavor. Uganda boasts of a young and vibrant population. The National ICT Job Fair serves as a bridge connecting our talented youth with the many opportunities this sector offers,” the Minister Hon. Joyce said.

In her remarks, the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance, Dr. Aminah Zawedde, described the partnership with the Huawei Technologies for second time in as many years as worthy, adding that determination and commitment exhibited by Huawei Technologies has so far been unwavering.

“Together, we can position Uganda as a preferred BPO destination, leveraging ICTs for the benefit of our youth, our economy, and our nation as a whole.”

The Minister of Gender Labour and Social Development Betty Amongi, said Uganda boasts the youngest population but the biggest challenge is matching skills in the digital space.

“An initiative like this will go a long way in skilling the 40 percent of the population. The statistics of the unemployed call for deliberate intervention. Under our ministry, any activity like this complements other programmes designed to narrow the gap of unemployment,” she said.

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