Museveni Aide Blasts MP Francis Zaake As Constitutional Court Saves Him From Being Thrown Out Of Parliament

Museveni Aide Blasts MP Francis Zaake AS Court Saves Him From Being Thrown Out Of Parliament

The Deputy Press Secretary to the President, Faruk Kirunda has blasted Mityana Municipality legislator Francis Zaake has been claiming that there’s no justice in the country on several occasions.

Kirunda’s comments follows a decision by the constitutional court to rule in favor of Zaake dismissing Speaker Anita Among’s decision to remove him as a Commissioner of Parliament.

“Following Hon. @ZaakeFrancis‘s victory in the Constitutional Court, I wish to ask; is this Court in Europe, Ghana, India or Uganda? How come the ruling went in his favor yet he is in Opposition and always claims there is no justice in Uganda?,” he wondered.

Speaking shortly after the court decision Zaake, applauded the same court he formerly accused of failing to deliver justice in Uganda for granting him justice by discipling Speaker Among.

“It has been cleared today that the legislature as an arm of government that makes the law does not respect the laws it makes. Madam Anita Among is not supposed to be called Right Honorable because she doesn’t follow the law going by the outcome of this case. She has ashamed Parliament of Uganda. She behaves like a dictator. She thought she’s untouchable but today she has been touched. As a leader of Parliament, she’s supposed to obey and follow the law. According to the ruling in this case, I’m still a commissioner,” Zaake said.

Last year, Zaake lost his Parliamentary Commission seat following a vote on motion moved to have him out on grounds of misconduct.

The vote followed a debate on the report of the committee of Rules, Discipline and Privileges that found Zaake in breach of public trust and confidence and was probed for statements he made against Speaker Among on social media.

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