Mubende Residents In Panic Mode Following An Outbreak Of Strange Disease That “Leaves Numbers” On The Skin

Mubende Residents In Panic Mode Following An Outbreak Of Strange Disease That “Leaves Numbers” On The Skin

Residents in Kisombwa village, Kibaliinga Sub County, Mubende district, are living in fear after they started contracting a mysterious disease that leaves spots on their bodies.

Some of the locals who spoke to the Nile Post believe the spots are shaped like figures, creating more fear.

Sophia Namwanje, a mother of two children, shared her experience of waking up with itchy skin in the morning.

To her surprise, she noticed a mark on her left leg that resembled the number 9, which further heightened her fears.

She had previously heard about a young boy who had a similar body mark, and upon checking, she realized their marks were the same.

Namwanje believes these marks could be satanic, as she had never experienced them before in her life.

She also shared that when others see this mark on her thigh, they claim that it is a satanic mark and that she will die after nine days.

Moreover, her friends in the community have started avoiding her, fearing they may contract the same mark.

Transportation has also become a challenge, as even commercial motorcyclists (boda boda) have started avoiding her.

It is thought the condition has afflicted more people than are coming out in Kisombwa. However, the majority, out of fear of being ostracised, are silent.

Those already afflicted are calling on the Ministry of Health to intervene.

Pulisidiat Ndibuhwa, a local resident, recounted that her grandson, who is five years old, has also been affected by these mysterious marks on his chest for the past two months.

Despite the efforts of spiritual healers, the situation has not improved.

Ndibuhwa is worried about her grandson’s declining health, as he is losing weight.

There is fear in the village that witch doctors may have a hand in causing these marks.

James Isingoma, the Vice Chairperson for Kisombwa LC I, has urged the Ministry of Health to address the situation promptly and alleviate people’s fears.

He also encouraged the community to report any cases involving these body marks.

As of press time, health officials from Mubende district have not commented on the matter.

Source: Nilepost

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