Mother Dumps Her Baby In Latrine After Intimidation From Family

Mother Dumps Her Baby In Latrine After Intimidation From Family

The Territorial Police in Aswa region and Omoro district registered a case of infanticide where a stranded mother identified as Apioyo Collin dumped her 3 day old child in a latrine causing his death on the 27.09.2023.

The 21 year aged peasant farmer is a resident of Baya village Lukwo parish in Omoro district and was stranded after being intimidated by her family.

Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga confirmed the sad news saying the victim was threatened during her pregnancy by her brother Opiyo Geofrey not to produce from their homestead.

Consequently on the 25.09.2023, at around 5am, the victim got labor pains but out of fear went and produced from a nearby bush and covered her newly born baby with fresh grass.

She kept checking on the baby and breastfeeding him from the bush till the 27.09.2023 when she found her baby covered with red ants but still alive.

She took the baby and threw him in her uncle’s pit latrine at around 6am and the body of the baby was retrieved and the mother arrested but later retained to hospital for treatment due to bleeding.

According to Enanga, efforts are in place to have the brother arrested for threatening violence.

”Its a very sad story. The loss of innocent children like this heavily impacts and devastates everyone. As the police, we believe every child, should have a chance to live, in a safe and healthy setting or home. Our Child and Family Protection Unit, in liaison with the Probation Officers and shelter homes, have always saved and supported unwanted children. Their ultimate goal is to keep children safe, away from abuse and neglect” Enanga said.

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