Killer Police Officer Speaks Out On Why He Killed Indian Money Lender In Cold Blood


Constable Ivan Wabwire, the police officer accused of shooting dead an Indian money lender has told police that he killed him because he felt cheated.

This was revealed by police spokesperson, Fred Enanga, following Wabwire ’s arrest from Busia where he wanted to escape to the neighbouring Kenya and was later returned to Kampala where he was interrogated over the gruesome act.

“Upon interrogation, he didn’t appear remorseful at all, not even saying sorry for what he did. He admitted to having murder the victim for allegedly cheating him on his loan portfolio. He indicated he has no remorse,”Enanga said.

“We have even taken him to the magistrate for an extrajudicial statement.”

An extra-judicial statement is made by a suspect before a magistrate to narrate his/her role in the commission of an alleged crime.

According to the police spokesperson, as part of investigations, detectives found out that Wabwire had in 2020 taken a shs1 million loan from TFS Financial Services at Raja Chambers along Parliamentary Avenue and was supposed to pay shs320,000 as interest.

Enanga said that before he could complete the initial loan, the police constable took another one in 2021 of shs1 million under similar terms and was supposed to pay shs110,000 per month to the money lender.

Police say the actions by Wabwire show he had planned everything leading to the shooting.

“Before the incident, a day earlier, while in civilian clothes he met with Uttam Bhandari to establish his loan status and further discuss plans to trade it off for a salary loan at Stanbic bank, William Street branch where his salary is posted. There was no agreement between him and director of TFS. He therefore returned on Friday and killed Bhandari,” Enanga said.

He explained that after firing at the Indian money lender, he returned and found him still breathing before firing additional shots that killed him

“His target was the victim and no one else. He confidently moved out and jumped on boda, returned gun in office of the scenes of crime officer and asked him to keep it as he went for a shot break.”

Following the gruesome incident, President Museveni joined members of the public to question the sluggishness of the force since the incident happened until Wabwire returned to the Central Police Station which is many metres away from the crime scene.

He later changed uniform and fled to his home village in Busia.

The police spokesperson however noted that the officers at CPS were not aware of the incident by the time Wabwire returned.

“Up to this stage, there was no suspicion because there was no report received. However, it unfortunate there was no quick reaction or thoughtful attention regarding the conduct of the officer before, during and after the shooting.”

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