Kampala Lord Mayor Lukwago Vows To Drug New Vision To Court Over Gen. Saleh’s Letter

Gen. Saleh Finally Responds To Lord Mayor Lukwago

By Uganda Online Media

Kampala: The Lord Mayor of Kampala, Erias Lukwago, has vowed to drag the state-owned newspaper, New Vision to court over publishing what he described as a fabricated story linking him to the Chief coordinator of Operation Wealth Creation and President Museveni’s brother Gen. Salim Saleh.

The story follows a note dated December 31 allegedly written by Gen. Saleh noting that he was offended by what Lukwago said about him misusing his power adding that he had withdrawn all the support he has been extending to him until he apologizes.

“Dear Brother Elias Lukwago, Lord Mayor Kampala City. I’m very offended by what you have said about me and the power I am misusing. I have withdrawn all the support I have been giving you in your fights (political) until you apologize. Otherwise, like Archbishop Semwogerere said, obulimba n’obukyaayi bwenkurabye nabwo – Uganda yakusabira,” the note that circulated on media read.

Gen Salim, who has not come out to deny the note, neither revealed what Lukwago had said nor the kind of support he referred to.

Now on Wednesday, New Vision carried a story entitled, “Gen Saleh speaks out on Lord Mayor Lukwago”, noting that they had spoken to Gen Saleh who confirmed to them that all he awaits is an apology from the Lord Mayor.

They reported that in an interview with them, Saleh said the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) strongman must apologize to him.

“I am waiting for the apology,” Saleh told New Vision in a television interview on Monday.

In response, however, Lukwago dismissed the story saying its total crap, ”that is crap that I have taken them to court,” Lukwago said on Wednesday as he responded to a question from journalists in regards to the letter further noting that what New Vision reported today is nothing but lies and total fabrication aimed at tarnishing his name, thus opting to sue them.

Lukwago’s Notice

“If you have represented New Vision here, tell them I am serving them with summons today (Wednesday) and they are required to put in defence in 15 days for fabrication,” Lukwago said

“I don’t want to comment on their fabricated stories. From today, I want to put you on notice that as you continue fabricating stories, prepare to pay me,” he added.

Lukwago insisted that at the end of the court battle, the New Vision will have to pay him for damages.

“I have dragged them to court and the case is there. I am serving them with summons today.  Please(New Vision) prepare to pay me.  We go through a lot and they fabricate such stories? I have seen the headline in the New Vision is a bit big and therefore prepare to pay hefty, “ he noted.

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