Introduction Ceremony Ends In Premium Tears After Groom Fails To Turn Up

Introduction Ceremony Ends In Premium Tears After Groom Fails To Turn Up

By Uganda Online Media

Kampala: Clouds turned dark for one Miriam Nalubega’s after her husband to be failed to show up at an introduction ceremony she had organized at her uncle’s home in Naggalama.

According to sources, Nalubega had just returned from abroad and injected millions to organize a colorful ceremony at her uncle’s compound filled with friends and family members waiting to land their eyes on the groom and his family.

However, their excitement was sent to hell after waiting for hours for the groom to show up in vain until they were told that the groom won’t make it to the ceremony.

After the sad news, a tearful and heartbroken Nalubega decided to continue with the program escorted by her bridesmaids.

While appearing on Bukedde TV, Nalubega consoled herself noting that she wasn’t the first and neither the last person to experience such a sad incident.

“I know I am not the first one and it’s not the end of me. To my mother, wherever you are, I am not the first,” Nalubega said.

Nalubega blamed the groom’s disappearance on unresolved issues with her father. She claimed that her father had fallen out with her days to her big day and that he had been trying to make sure the introduction ceremony didn’t happen.

However, Mohammed Kaweke who had represented the groom’s side as the spokesman, told guests at the Kwanjula that the preparations had been going on well as earlier planned until the groom was locked in a room by his first wife.

“I think they got disagreements but it’s not like he intended not to pick his bride,” Kaweke said.

Despite the disappointment, Nalubega carried on with the ceremony, cut the cake, and served it to guests.

Meanwhile, Hamis Wamala, the father to Nalubega denied sabotaging his daughter’s introduction.

An emotional Wamala said, “I cannot wish my daughter ill and I have never had any intention of sabotaging her introduction ceremony. I don’t even know where the in-laws hail from, neither do I have their phone contacts,”

A tearful Wamala further revealed that the ceremony was initially supposed to be held at his home only for his daughter to change the venue because, she argued, his residence was not befitting her status and would embarrass her guests.

Wamala further said that Nalubega appointed other people to act as her family representatives. According to him, she hired other people to act as her father, aunties, and grandparents.

“I asked her why she had decided to do that. The only reason she gave me was that I am poor and would embarrass her before her guests,” a tearful Wamala narrated.

He added: “I’m leaving her in God’s hands because I managed to look after her until she went to work abroad.”

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