Hamis Kiggundu Silences Haters As Nakivubo Stadium Takes Its Modern Shape Ahead Of Completion

Hamis Kiggundu Silences Haters As Nakivubo Stadium Takes Its Modern Shape Ahead Of Completion

By Uganda Online Media

Nakivubo Memorial stadium under redevelopment is finally taking its modern shape as it nears completion.

The redevelopment that was undertaken by city tycoon Hamis Kiggundu aka Ham has been the talk of the town for years following the billions he invested to turn it into a state-of-the-art world sports facility and sports lovers in Uganda are filled with excitement and can’t wait to see it when its finally done.

According to Ham, the redeveloped stadium won’t be just an ordinary stadium but a modern sports facility in the country’s capital Kampala as well as a legacy to stay and develop the sports industry in the country.

”Nakivubo Redevelopment Project is not just a sports project, this is a legacy. If I can, you too can do more to make Uganda a successful country with Reason. For God and my Country,” Ham recently revealed.

The multi-billion facility is also built to have a sitting capacity of 40,000 spectators with three entrances to the gate. These include one that will ply the facility from Ssebana Kizito Road and two gates along Kafumbe-Mukasa road above other emergency exits.

Ham’s aim to redevelop the stadium was to exert considerable ground-breaking creative efforts and excellent technical know-how that will enable the stadium to meet standards set by the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA), on top of being one of the bests sports facilities in the African continent

“We are on track to not only complete the work in the shortest time possible but also make a statement about our capacity as Ugandans to do the best,” Ham said.

‘’The stadium project equally makes business sense with incomes since it has commercial premises attached and from a realistic and reasonable point of view, this is not just a stadium but a legacy and clear illustration to all Ugandans that if Uganda is to develop it is our responsibility as Ugandans to develop our motherland,” he added.

After completion, Nakivubo will be a multipurpose stadium and home sports establishments making it Kampala’s most famous and iconic ground.

“We are almost done with the hardest bit of the stadium, which is the structure. What is left is to fast-track the completion of the work. I’m going to turn this place into an iconic venue, the best sports and entertainment complex in the region,” he further noted.

Additionally, the stadium will also have multi-level parking able to accommodate over 1,000 cars on top of other amenities like restaurants, gyms and facilities for people with disabilities (PWDs).

The pitch also presents four zones for different categories of people including Very Important Persons (VIPs), among others.

And Here Is The Pictorial Update Of Nakivubo Stadium Near Completion

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