Furious Man Arrested For Burning 29 Houses In Revenge Attack Over His Father’s Death

By Uganda Online Media

A 25-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly burning over 29 grass-thatched houses in Omoting Village, Akura Parish, Angetta Sub-county in Alebtong District.

This followed the murder of his father identified as John Steven Eyano, 70, a resident of the same village after he was allegedly beaten to death by the area LCI vice-chairperson on allegations of stealing three goats last week.

“It’s alleged that on February, 28, 2022 the vice chairperson LC1 of Omoting Village in the name of Geoffrey Okello and his team intercepted Eyano while coming back from a nearby swamp where he had taken his animals for grazing,” Mr Jimmy Patrick Okema, the North Kyoga regional police spokesperson, said.

“It’s reported that the vice-chairperson and his team claimed the deceased had stolen three she-goats and they demanded him to move with them to where they wanted the matter to be resolved. However, Eyano had no idea and he could not move with them,” he added.

Police said this then forced Mr Okello to order his colleagues to beat up the elderly who died instantly.

“The following night, police received a report that the son of the deceased, due to anger and revenge, went and torched about 29 grass-thatched houses. When police were informed, our team responded immediately to the scene. He tried to run away but police arrested him and currently, he is being detained at Alebtong Central Police Station,” Mr Okema told journalists in Lira City on Tuesday. 

Mr Okema said the suspected members of the mob that attacked Eyano were also arrested for investigations.

Additional Reporting By Daily Monitor

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