FDC Aside! Dirty Money Scandal Sparks Conflict In Another Opposition Party

FDC Aside! Dirty Money Scandal Sparks Conflict In Another Opposition Party

Accusations of financial impropriety and leadership disputes have plunged the Democratic Party (DP) into a maelstrom of controversy.

Members of the party have raised concerns about alleged undisclosed funds amounting to 4 billion shillings that were supposedly received prior to the 2021 elections.

The funds have sparked a conflict between the party leadership and its legislators, with both sides offering conflicting narratives.

According to inside sources within the party, legislators have claimed that the DP received a substantial sum of shs4 billion shillings before the 2021 elections, funds whose origin and purpose remain shrouded in mystery.

Lawmaker  Richard Sebamala pointedly stated,  “We never got an explanation on where the money came from up to today.”

Bayiga Lulume, another MP, voiced their suspicions, saying, “We asked, no answer was provided. We just saw brand new expensive fleet with so much luxury. Mao moved the whole country sleeping in expensive hotels eating things. Where did he get the money.”

However, DP’s Secretary General took a different stance, attributing the party’s financial struggles to consistent demobilization and lack of transparency among party members.

The Secretary General Gerald Siranda argued that despite pledges made by MPs to contribute 1 million shillings from their salaries, the party has faced challenges in receiving these promised funds.

“Even those who pledged to support the party have not been honest enough to fulfill their pledge,” noted Siranda.

The ongoing rift between party legislators and its leadership has brought to light wider concerns about accountability and transparency within the DP.

Some MPs insist that the party should clarify the alleged receipt of dubious funds and provide a transparent breakdown of its financial management. Skepticism lingers among MPs that the leadership might have misappropriated funds, further eroding trust within the party.

The Democratic Party has also been grappling with allegations of mismanagement from other quarters.

The party’s engagement with the National Resistance Movement (NRM) has raised questions about potential misuse of state resources, echoing criticisms the DP itself has made against the NRM.

Source: Nilepost

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