Covid-19 Vaccination As Requirement For Public Transoprt Is Impossible- Transport Minister Katumba Wamala


By Uganda Online Media

President Yoweri Museveni has appointed Maj Tom Magambo who has been in the Internal Security Organisations(ISO) as the new police Criminal Investigations Director.

“President Museveni has promoted Private Tom Magambo to the rank of Major and appointed him Director Criminal Investigations of the Uganda Police Force,” the acting UPDF spokesperson, Lt Col Ronald Kakurungu said in a statement.

Kampala: Minister of Works and Transport Gen Edward Katumba Wamala has announced that the new Covid-19 guidelines to be followed by operators and users of public transport as the sector fully reopens after two years of Covid19 restrictions.

While addressing the media on Wednesday, Katumba noted that full vaccination as a requirement for passengers to use public transport as it had been ordered by President Museveni, while reopening the economy in his new year’s message last Friday is not possible now.

Katumba asserts that the government will not be able to enforce Covid19 vaccine mandates for all passengers in public transport vehicles adding that mandatory vaccination should instead be applied to crew members in the public transport sector for example drivers, conductors, and cargo handlers.

“Of course, it would be preferable that all passengers are vaccinated but it may not be possible for the transporters to double-check on that,” he said.

“Every crew member of public service vehicle including driver conductor or turn man and any other crew member must be fully vaccinated and ready to present their vaccination certificate at any time,” he said.

“We agreed with the transporters and we also agreed with traffic (police) that they will be making spot checks; if they find that the driver of turn man is not vaccinated, they can decide that the bus or taxi should not continue,” he added.

“But for people who will have had to travel without the vaccination cards at least…at the bare minimum, you must have your mask and the police have a right to stop any vehicle any time, and if they find a passenger without the mask, they are free and they are allowed to stop that journey,” he noted.

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President Museveni had directed that all passengers in public transport must be fully vaccinated, and must wear face masks at all times.

”The transport sector which has been operating at 50% will be opened fully but with the necessary SOPs such as wearing of masks and full vaccination by both the crew of the public service vehicle and the travelers,” Museveni said during his new year address.

Meanwhile. Katumba also disclosed that there will be no curfew on the announced days when children are going back to school starting January 10.

According to Katumba, the move to remove curfew will enable children and parents to travel to the different parts of the country without any obstacles.

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