Civil Aviation Bans Entebbe Airport Staff From Using Mobile Phones, Other Personal Devices While On Duty


By Ugandaonline

Entebbe: Uganda Civil Aviation Authority-UCAA staff are no longer allowed to use mobile phones and other personal devices on duty at Entebbe International Airport.

In a circular to the general managers of DAS, NAS/ENHAS, the principal immigration officer, all airline station managers, site manager trend events, and site manager A&M Cleaning Company Ltd, Emmanuel Barungi, the General Manager Entebbe Airport says that “it has been noted with concern that the use of personal phones and other devices by airport staff while on duty has continued unabated despite consequent security and safety concerns.”

Close to 2,000 staff work at the airport. They include airline station workers, cleaners, cargo and passenger handlers, immigration, port health, aviation security, and security personnel among others. In the December 7th, 2021 circular, Barungi says that the ban on mobile phones takes immediate effect.

Statement From CAA

He says that no staff unless permitted to do so, “shall be allowed to carry his or her personal phone or other devices to their work stations”. He warns that those found in breach of the restriction shall be subjected to disciplinary action.

”All companies are required to submit lists of their key staff/supervisors to be exempted from this restriction to the Aviation Security Manager” ,the circular adds.

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