City Businessman Hamis Kiggundu Exposes Ruthless Mafias Fraudulently Using Buganda Land Board To Kick Out Kabaka’s Subjects & Sell The Same Land To Foreigners

Some Buganda Land Board Officials Are Fraudsters Who Want To Steal My Land- City Businessman Hamis Kiggundu Reveals

City Businessman Hamis Kiggundu

By Uganda Online Media

Kampala: City Businessman Hamis Kiggundu aka Ham has vowed to fight tooth and nail to expose top Buganda Land Board officials who act in the name of Kabaka of Buganda Kingdom to kick out his subjects from their rightfully owned land and instead sell the land to foreigners.

Ham’s comments follow his contention with Buganda Land Board over the 140-acre Kigo land that he owns under his real estate company Kiham Enterprises.

It’s worth noting that Ham had previously given up on the contested land in Kigo to avoid fighting with His Kabaka whom he loves so much little did he know that the Mafias in Buganda Land Board wanted him to give up the land so that they can sell it to Indians.

Watch Hamis Kiggunda As He Exposes Mafias In Buganda Land Board Using Kabaka’s Name

“Effective today, I have abandoned the land despite having acquired it in the right procedures. I leave it to the Kingdom in good faith and you will never hear me again contest for it. I have abandoned the land to preserve my respect as a Muganda,” Ham said in March.

The land in question is located on Block 273 Plots 23974, 23975, 23976, and 23977 and is situated between Serena Kigo and Mirembe Villas.

Following Kiggundu’s earlier declaration, Buganda Land Board through attorneys K&K Advocates and Sebalu Lule Advocates had filed an application before the Commissioner, Land Registration John Karuhanga seeking to cancel all the land titles on the land under Ham’s ownership.

Now, Ham through his lawyers led by Fred Muwema of Muwema & Company Advocates has revealed that he will not give up on his land as he earlier declared but rather use this as a golden opportunity to expose Buganda Land Board officials led by Bashir Kizito Juma among others who are behind endless land conflicts on Kabaka’s land.

‘I acquired the said land from Wakiso District Land Board on public titled land tenure and I was given titles. BLB’s claim is on milo tenure then why is BLB opposed to boundary opening to simply draw a line between public Land and milo Land. I proposed to make a joint survey but Buganda Land Board is hesitant. I can’t stand to be seen as fighting with Buganda,’ Kiggundu said.

But the fact that BLB chose to continue with their accusations, Ham noted that he had to file a defence and evidence must be filed and this was effected on May 12.

According to Ham, BLB falsely asserted that Kabaka is the rightful owner of the land and accused Ham of fraudulently conniving with officers at Wakiso district land board to grab his land which he acquired from the District Land Board.

In his defence, Ham, through his lawyers led by Fred Muwema further contends that he is the owner of the land after he legally obtained it from the Wakiso district land board.

He claimed that the survey report which the BLB officials based on to argue their case is fake since it is not even dated and that’s the reason why he appointed a private surveyor William Matovu to conduct another survey report which contradicted that of the BLB. He promised to present it to the registrar.

He pleaded to the registrar not to base on the testimony of Bashir Kizito Juma, the legal Attorney to BLB because he has a conflict of interest in the matter.

“Our contention is that there is an actual conflict of interest in the duties of Bashir Kizito Juma acting both as a public officer and a private officer of the complainant,” Ham’s lawyers said.

They added, “This type of conduct by Bashir Kizito Juma is against the Code of Conduct and Ethics of Public Service issued under the Public Standing Orders 2010.”

The Lawyers further noted that conflict of interest is a punishable crime in Uganda, especially where a public officer holds a position in a private body whose operations are in conflict with his official duties.

Ham’s Lawyers also revealed that the irony of the matter is that the freehold titles were granted by the Wakiso District Land, which employs Bashir Kizito Juma which means that he is both a witness and the architect of the complaint.

“This tribunal can therefore not entertain this conflict of public officers to pursue a conflicted complaint which derogates all best practices in public law. In our considered view, entertaining this complaint as presently filed is to perpetuate illegality and a constitutionally prohibited act,” they stated.

Ham pleaded with Karuhanga’s tribunal to dismiss the complaint and declare him the rightful owner of the said land.

Bashir Kizito Juma is the head of corporate affairs, operations and business development at Buganda Land Board (BLB), a corporate body that runs the kingdom’s land.

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