Breaking! Former Makindye West Legislator Hussein Kyanjo Is Dead

Breaking! Former Makindye West Legislator Hussain Kyanjo Is Dead

The latest news reaching our news desk indicates that Former Makindye West Legislator Al-Hajji Hussein Kyanjo has passed on.

According to sources, Kyanjo was rushed to Kibuli Muslim Hospital on Thursday morning for serious medical attention after his health condition deteriorated.

It’s worth noting that some years back, Kyanjo was rushed to India for medication after being diagnosed with stage four colon cancer and since then, he has been on serious medication.

In 2012, Kyanjo, an outspoken government critic made a public announcement indicating that he had been diagnosed with dystonia of the tongue, a strange disease that causes difficulty in opening or closing the mouth, often affecting chewing and speech.

By the time of his death, Kyanjo believed that he had indeed been poisoned.

Once one of the country’s most charismatic and brilliant orators, Kyanjo’s illness left him struggling to speak.

Despite his ill health, Kyanjo did not shrink from the public. He was candid in press interviews about the challenges his new health condition subjected him to, including needing an oxygen tank on standby all the time.

Apart from his oratorical skills, Kyanjo will be remembered for working hard to try and unite the opposition in the lead-up to the 2011 general election. The then JEEMA president tried to convince FDC, DP, and UPC to come together and field one candidate to take on incumbent Yoweri Museveni.

This is a message Kyanjo kept on championing until his last breath in the political arena.

During his time as a legislator representing Makindye West, Kyanjo earned respect for his efforts to address social issues, advocate for human rights, and champion the cause of marginalized communities. His work in the political arena was marked by a passion for improving the lives of ordinary citizens and promoting transparency in governance.

Outside politics, Kyanjo was also a vocal advocate for peace and unity in the region, actively engaging in dialogues and peace-building initiatives.

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