Bobi Wine’s Speech In Luweero Has Exposed His Political Immaturity- Says Museveni’s Aide As Police Kicks Off Investigations

Bobi Wine’s Speech In Luweero Has Exposed His Political Immaturity-Museveni’s Aide As Police Kicks Off Investigations

The Deputy Press Secretary to H.E the President of Uganda, Mr. Faruk Kirunda has said the speech made by the National Unity Platform (NUP) president Robert Kyagulanyi last week while in Luweero, has exposed his political immaturity and the calibre of misleader he is.

“Mr. Bobi Wine’s speech in Luweero has exposed his immaturity and the calibre of (mis)leader he is. That’s why Ugandans pride in KagutaMuseveni as a balanced, mature and well-intentioned Visionary leader,” Mr. Kirunda said.

Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine’s speech to the people of Luweero last Friday during his NUP Country Wide Tour sparked mixed reactions among a section of Ugandans as he openly insulted and accused the ruling government of nepotism and tribalism.

“They OPENLY PRACTICE TRIBALISM & NEPOTISM in every sphere and institution, but they’re not ashamed to blame those who expose it and call them out. What a bunch of hypocrites,” Bobi Wine tweeted after his Luweero speech.

He also spoke of the imperative for transformation, championing social justice, youth empowerment, and economic opportunities.

The NUP leader didn’t mince words, attributing Luweero’s suffering to the NRA/NRM ascent to power, condemning their legacy of plunder and brutality.

While President Museveni’s government has notched a number of achievements over the past 37 years, Kyagulanyi contends that critical gaps persist – voids that the NUP is poised to redress.

Meanwhile, Police have said they have kicked off investigations into allegations that Bobi Wine was involved in hate speech and sectarianism during one of the rallies.

“There has been a lot of debate and a general inquiry has been opened at CID and they are currently gathering statements and trolling social media for some of those utterances and footages,” Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga said on Monday.

Addressing one of his rallies in Luweero, Kyagulanyi asked “Fellow Baganda to rise up and fight for their ancestors. Fellow Baganda, who bewitched us? Museveni thinks he is going to build his dynasty on the land of our ancestors in Buganda. That will not happen,” Kyagulanyi who was speaking in Luganda said during a rally at Kasana grounds on Friday.

Enanga further noted that as part of the probe into Kyagulanyi’s alleged hate speech and sectarian remarks, the Criminal Investigation Directorate will comb social media for the said videos and other sources as part of their investigations.

“It is still at that stage but we believe once the investigations are built, we shall seek the opinion of the DPP on the matter.” he said.

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