All Gov’t Officials Ordered To Only Use Uganda Airlines For Travels Abroad

All Gov’t Officials Ordered To Only Use Uganda Airlines For Travels Abroad

Cabinet has instructed all government officials to only use Uganda Airlines at all times for travels abroad.

This has been confirmed by Minister for ICT and National Guidance, Dr. Chris Baryomunsi saying the only exceptions will be destinations where Uganda Airlines does not fly thus calling upon all accounting officers, departments and government agencies to comply with the new directive.

“We are making it mandatory that government officials must travel with Uganda Airlines where the national carrier is flying. Unless your destination doesn’t have Uganda Airlines as one of its routes, you can be excused,” Dr. Baryomunsi said.

“If you are a civil servant, public official, minister, permanent secretary, commissioner or any other government official whose travel is being supported or facilitated by government and where the route you are taking has Uganda Airline flying there, then it mandatory you should fly Uganda Airlines,” he added.

Uganda Airlines was revamped in 2019 after being liquidated over 20 years back and is seeking to dominate global skies with international routes for far launched and others yet to come.

Uganda Airlines flies to several destinations including Nairobi, Mombasa, Mogadishu, Bujumbura , Dar es Salaam, Dubai, Johannesburg, Juba, Kilimanjaro, Kinshasa and Zanzibar.

The airline is soon expected to start flying to Mumbai, London and Guangzhou among other destinations with a fleet of six aircraft including two Airbus A330Neo which each have a capacity of 257 seat and four 72-seat Mitsubishi CRJ-900.

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