Your Address Is As Useless As Museveni’s, You Both Have No Tangible Solutions To Uganda’s Economic Crisis- Stella Nyanzi Trashes Bobi Wine’s National Address

Your Address Is As Useless As Museveni's, You Both Have No Tangible Solutions To Uganda's Economic Crisis- Stella Nyanzi Trashes Bobi Wine's National Address

By Uganda Online Media

Kampala: Motormouthed Political activist, Dr. Stella Nyanzi has rubbished National Unity Platform (NUP), Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine’s national address saying he needs to pull up his stocks if he is to ‘liberate’ Ugandans as he promised.

Nyanzi’s comments follows Bobi Wine’s State of the Nation’ address, in which he addressed a number of issues especially the current economic crisis coupled with escalating commodity prices leaving Ugandans crying foul.

During his address, Bobi Wine accused president Museveni of lacking tangible solutions to the current economic crisis in the country .

“The ghetto people in our cities, towns and trading centers survive mainly on chapati which also makes kikomando and rollex. Forget this business of Museveni telling us to eat cassava. Cassava or cassava flour cannot make kikomando or even rollex. That only shows how disconnected he is from the reality of the common people,” Bobi Wine said.

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However, according to Nyanzi Bobi Wine’s speech is as useless as Museveni’s since he failed to suggest realistic solutions to Ugandans’ problems.

“There were neither solutions for local masses nor guidance about how to free ourselves from the escalating prices amidst the dictatorship’s extravagancy,” she said.

“There was neither fire in my Ka-blaza’s oration nor his speech! The only ka-bit of fire was in his reference to chapati, kikomando and rolex- the wheat-based foods of the urban poor masses. But even then, Ka-blaza was appealing to Museveni’s kakistocracy for solutions instead of igniting the the people-led revolution of freedom.”

Nyanzi advised Kyagulanyi to rather go back to the drawing board and forge new strategies that can free Ugandas from poverty and oppression.

“Listen up, Ka-blaza! Take off that suit, tie and pin-stripped white shirt. Put on your overalls instead! Unfold your diplomatically clasped hands humbly held as if you are praying the Mirembe Maria saala….Stop combing your trimmed hair and instead grow again your dreadlocks.”

She further told the NUP leader that looking smart in suits and speaking fluent English like he usually does, will not solve Ugandans problems.

“Uganda’s liberation struggle does not need another suits man speaking suavely in English to the hungry smelly masses. We need the creative rebel artist back on the streets and in the hearts of the masses.”

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