‘You Used& Dumped Me After Sacrificing My Life To Save Your Failed Government’- Sam Omala Curses Museveni After Retiring


By Ugandaonline

Kampala: Retired Assistant Commissioner of Police, Sam Omala has castigated the government and Uganda police force for not appreciating his hard work during his term of service in the force.

Since retiring from Police in 2020, the disappointed Omala has been living a quiet life until recently when he started spilling beans to the media about the ordeal he went through while still on duty.

”I was a real fighter, but they did not remember any of my efforts. I used to work, but the credit would always go to my bosses. I slept at Besigye’s gate for seven days during ‘Walk to Work’ protests but none of that was remembered.” Omala said.

Omala said that his job in the Uganda Police was a “job beyond salary” with a lot of challenges. He said that were it not for him and the late Andrew Felix Kaweesi, this government would not be here today.

“The Uganda Police was very disjointed at the time, enemies of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) were so many at the time, and if we did not stand on our two legs to say “NO”, this government would have collapsed at that time,” Omala said.

while appearing in an interview on NBS TV, Omala revealed that some opposition members at the time offered him a sack of UGX 200Million in form of a bribe so that he could abandon the walk-to-work operations but he was too loyal to the ruling government which has since forgotten his sacrifice.

“They don’t remember you when you are still alive; They appreciate you when you are gone,” said Omara.

Omara said that two opposition aides approached him while he was attending a meeting with his boss the former IGP Gen Kale Kayihura at Imperial Royale Hotel in Kampala. He said the two gentlemen offered him a sack of Shs200m to get him off the protests.

“I told Kayihura about these people, he did not give me a conclusive answer, and when I realized that he was still not decisive, I said “NO” to this offer and made it difficult for them. I continued with my work,” Omala said.

Omara said he thought of taking the money but decided to first consult Kayihura who he said did not give him a clear answer.

“I decided for myself. I told the aides to go back and at least raise 200,000 dollars (about Shs700 million),” said Omara

Omara further disclosed that during his working time, the Police were divided into two groups; the anti-regime and those that supported the regime. He also said that at the time, civil disobedience was very high.

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