You Have 2 Days To Leave My Wife Alone Or You Won’t Live Long Enough To See Her Again’- Furious Man Threatens To Kill Former MP Latif Ssebagala For Bonking His Wife

By Uganda Online Media

Kampala: An unknown man who seems to have gotten tired of having sleepless nights after finding his wife was serving out his ‘forbidden goodies’ to former Kawempe North legislator Latif Ssebabagala has now vowed to end the former legislator’s life if he doesn’t stop messing up with his wife.

According to the warning poster circulating on social media, the unknown man noted that Ssebagala has two days to end his secret bonking sessions with the alleged wife or he will not live long enough to see her again.

The Poster that was allegedly Pinned somewhere in Kawempe

The poster reportedly pinned by an unknown man claiming to be the owner of the woman further noted that he and Ssebagala have a meeting in two days.

“Latif Ssebagala: leave my wife I stay behind Taibah international school and you know but expect death. you impregnated someone’s daughter in Kiganda region. you have wives in kawempe 1 kawempe, 2 kazo angola and kawempe ku tano in the market. no negotiation please please please we are meeting in two days”-

This comes at a time when Police announced that adultery is not a crime and that it, therefore, can’t be reported to the police with an aim of having one arrested.

This was confirmed by Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga saying adultery is no longer a crime but rather a civil matter.

“Adultery is no longer a criminal offense in our country. Therefore, criminalizing it, is an act of unprofessionalism and abuse of authority, which the force cannot tolerate, we strongly condemn the criminalization of civil matters in police,” Enanga said.

This followed an incident when NBS TV presenter MC Casmir was nabbed allegedly sleeping with a married woman in which police intervened and interrogated him in front of cameras which Enanga said was out of order and unprofessional on the side of the officers involved adding that the officers have since been arrested and will be taken for disciplinary action in the due course.

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