‘You Can Now Try My Passport’! Tortured Novelist Kakwenza Flees Into Exile

Novelist Kakwenza Flees To Exile

By Uganda Online Media

Kampala: Novelist Kakwenza Rukirabashaija has fled Uganda today Wednesday to run for his life after shortly after being released from Kitalya Prison where he was detained on charges of offensive communication and disturbing the peace of President Museveni and his son Muhoozi Kainerugaba.

Kakwenza who had no kind words as he fled the country noted that the court can now try his passport since his efforts to attain fell on deaf ears.

“To the bespectacled pigheaded magistrate at Buganda Road, Dr. Douglas Singiza, since you value my passport more than you do to my life and non-derogable rights, you have ashamed the profession because you chose to proliferate persecution against me. You’re a disgrace! Now, put my passport in the dock and try it. I won’t face you again, dear bumlicker of Museveni and Muhoozi,” posted Kakwenza.

“You are an enabler of the out lawlessness. Pursuant to the human rights Act, you had the discretion to observe my rights and discharge me other than whittling down my plea of torture. A magistrate whose head or mouth doesn’t spew justice deserves to be called a fool, Clearly, these crooks have made me a pariah in the country I call home and I will not capitulate to their offers(appointments and material wealth),” Kakweza added.

Kakwenza was arrested on 28th December 2021 and was later given bail, re-arrested before leaving Kitalya prison, and then dumped at his home in Iganga.

However, seems the troubled writer wouldn’t wait for the court to dispose off his case and has decided to flee the country reportedly via Rwanda and reports indicate he is headed for Europe for a safe haven.

“Yes, he has fled,” his lawyer Eron Kiiza said adding he was destined to somewhere in Europe.

Kiiza said even after being released, Rukirabashaija was kept under security agents’ surveillance.

“So when he asked for his passport and the court refused to give it to him, he had to make up his mind and make a choice between his life or wait for court. He has decided to choose his life,” Kiiza said.

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