‘You Can Go Look After Your Cows & Goats’! Museveni Declines To Renew Contracts Of Eight Top Police Directors


By Uganda Online Media

Kampala: The latest news reaching our desk indicates that President Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni aka Tubuhaburwa also the commander in chief has declined to renew pending contracts of over eight top police directors.

While the reasons for this decision remain scanty, what we can confirm is that the son of Kaguta is sending the eight police directors to do farming.

According to reports, the eight police Directors on the exit list include; CPC AIGP Asan Kasingye Chief political commissar, AIGP Edward Ochom Director Operations, AIGP Erasmus Twaruhukwa Director Legal, AIGP Andrew Sorowen Director Welfare, AIGP Abass Byakagaba Director Counter-Terrorism, AIGP John Ndugutse an Attach in Nairobi, AIGP Haruna Isabirye an Attach in the USA and AIGP Joseph Mugisha director Fire and Rescue Services.

We have thus established that the contracts of the above Directors had expired two years ago but they ‘kneeled’ to the President for more time promising him that they would this time serve to his satisfaction.

Reports quote an insider in the police force as saying, “After 2021 elections, the directors through Internal Affairs Minister requested President Museveni to renew their contracts by more two years such that they can serve until 2023 which he went mute about till this week when he sent back their files to internal affairs minister without any positive comment.”

“The above has since left the eight officers preparing their exit gates since their chances of being re-considered have gone to zero degrees,” said a source.

In fact, according to reports, one of the troubled officers AIGP Kasingye was quoted saying “I want to put things right in the police before I retire in March something which means that maybe he had got some information that his contract would not be renewed.

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