URSB Removes Over 186,000 Companies From Gov’t Register

URSB Removes Over 186,000 Companies From Gov't Register

Uganda Registration Services Bureau(URSB) has removed at least 186,000 companies from the government register for failure to file returns for the last five years.

“In accordance with Section 134(6) of the Companies Act 1 of 2012, notice is hereby given that 186,000 companies have been struck off the register,” the registrar of companies noted in a statement.

In accordance with Section 134(5) of the Companies Act 1 of 2012, on 20th March 2023, URSB published a notice requiring all companies to file their annual returns and companies that had failed to file annual returns for five years were required to file a statement of solvency and show cause why they should not be struck off the register.

According to the registrar of companies, the list for all the companies has been availed on the URSB website and the de-registered companies cannot transact any business within Uganda.

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