URA Issues New Passenger Guidelines To Curb Tax Evasion At Entebbe International Airport

URA Issues New Passenger Guidelines To Curb Tax Evasion At Entebbe International Airport

Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has announced new passenger clearance guidelines at Entebbe airport aimed at enhancing revenue collections as well as reducing tax evasion.

According to the URA manager in charge of Customs at Entebbe International Airport, Simon Esunget, the authority lost about UGX 4.5bn due to non-compliant passengers in the year 2021-2022.   

Now following the development, every passenger who arrives at Entebbe Airport will either be cleared through the green channel where one has nothing to declare to customs, or the red, for those with dutiable or restricted goods to get those trying to evade paying taxes.

 “We found out that many people coming from abroad had made it a habit to evade taxes by pretending that they have nothing to declare to customs yet they do,” Esunget said.

Esunget further noted that passengers with restricted goods are expected to go through the red channel to declare their goods and pay customs to the authority with goods not exceeding USD 2000. Those with personal and non-dutiable goods go through the green channel with goods not exceeding USD 500.

 “There are goods that are prohibited and restricted, such as used computers, cocaine and other drugs, while restricted goods include drone cameras and medicaments that need clearance and are taxed.”

Officials say that some travellers are ignorant of basic customs protocols, including carrying cash in excess of USD 10,000 that must be declared at customs on arrival.

 The Spokesperson of the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority, Luggya Vianney, urged passengers to adhere to airport guidelines.

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