UPDF Announces Recruitment Of Over 10,000 Mechanics, Medics And Drivers

UPDF Announces Recruitment Of Over 10,000 Mechanics, Medics And Drivers

By Uganda Online Media

Kampala: The Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) has announced a recruitment of up to 10,000 Ugandans into the force including medics, drivers, air force personnel among others into the force.

According to UPDF spokesperson, Brig. Flexi Kulayigye, the recruitment exercise will run between June 18 and July,4, 2022 in several parts of the country.

“There will be general recruitment of 8300 regular recruits from June,18 to July, 4, 2022 in various districts,” Brig. Kulayigye said in a statement.

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He noted that they will also have a special recruitment that will seek to have 100 medical personnel, 1000 drivers and mechanics and 600 air force personnel.

Brig. Kulayigye further noted that the recruitment for medical personnel will be done at Kololo independence grounds, drives and mechanics will be recruited from Gadhafi barracks in Jinja whereas the air force personnel will also join at Kololo independence grounds.

According to the UPDF, qualified persons must be Ugandans with valid national identity cards and between the age of 18 to 25 for the 8300 to be enlisted in the regular army whereas professionals should be between 18 and 30.

He also noted that regular recruits should have a minimum of S.4 or S.6 certificates with a bias in science subjects including mathematics, physics and chemistry, the professionals should be degree or diploma holders in medicine, engineering, chemistry , education or vocational certificates.

“Applicants must be in good health , medically fit and ready to undergo road run and checkups.”

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