Update: Shocking Details Emerge On Security Guard Found With Dead Body In A Sack

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Police Spokesperson, Fred Enanga

By Uganda Online Media

Kampala: Police have found shocking details about a private security guard who was found carrying a dead body in a sack on a motorcycle at night.

Kawempe police found Gideon Nabasa a security guard attached to Afrisafe Guard Company transporting a dead body on a motorcycle at around 4 am while they patrolled Kazo Lugoba Zone Kazo Ward, Nabweru Division in Wakiso District on Sunday.

Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga, has since revealed that the suspect refused to tell police more about the dead body,

According to Enanga, the deceased has been identified as Ivan Kagezi a resident in Hoima district who has been missing for several days after hiring a motocyle.

“Kagezi hired this motorcycle on self-drive from Buseruka on March 7, 2022, and was leaving the village where he was living in Kijanji to Buseruka which are six kilometers apart. He paid shs10,000 to the owner of the motorcycle and since then, he disappeared until his body was recovered,” Enanga said.

Enanga further noted that the deceased had been murdered and his body stuffed into a sack that was found with Nabasa on a motorcycle on Sunday night.

According to Enanga, police conducted a search at the security guard’s home in Bwaise, Katoogo zone where Nabasa together with a colleague, Ivan Twinamasiko, both security guards at Afrisafe guards led security in a search.

“The two had been deployed to guard microfinance called Trinity Investments Bank found in Bwaise near Katoogo zone. When a search was conducted at the home of the two, blood was found all over the room they were renting. The whole mattress was also covered with blood and clothes belonging to the deceased were also recovered,” Enanga said.

He noted that the findings indicate that the murder happened at the home of the two security guards.

Investigations have also indicated that the deceased had spent two days at the home of the two security guards before he was later killed and body stuck in a sack.

“The motive of the murder is not yet clear but we shall be able to establish. We don’t want to confirm now whether there was a lot that they failed to share or there was a deal that went wrong but there are leads coming in,” Enanga added

The police spokesperson also applauded the police patrol teams that arrested the security guard who was found riding a motorcycle with a suspicious sack that later turned out to have a dead body.

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