Uganda Is So Blessed With Museveni’s Visionary Leadership -Fairway Hotel Boss Azhar Jaffer Applauds Museveni As They Hold Talks To Boost Uganda’s Tourism Sector

By Uganda Online Media

Entebbe: The Managing Director of Fairway Hotel Mr. Azhar Jaffer has applauded Uganda’s president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa for being one of Uganda’s most brainy leaders.

Azhar was part of the delegation from the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) that met the president yesterday to devise means on how best they can market and leverage the uniqueness the pearl of Africa presents to the world.

Museveni chaired a joint meeting between UTB, the Ministry of Tourism, and the private sector leaders in which he urged all the stakeholders to work together for the greater good of Uganda, not their ‘selfish stomachs’.

“Talk properly, look for people who can add value to what you’re doing. Harmonize” Museveni told officials from the Ministry of Tourism, the Uganda Tourism Board & Tourism Sector Stakeholders who met him at State House Entebbe yesterday.

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Fairway Hotel managing director Azhar Jaffer In A Meeting At State House Entebbe Yesterday

The delegation also discussed several contentious issues with the president including gov’t handling of investment in marketing tourism, which focuses on marketing initiatives, the Pearl of Africa Tourism Expo brand, skilling and capacity building, and conservation initiatives. The team also requested him to visit one of the national parks to launch the national tourism agenda, which he accepted.

It was after this discussion in the statehouse that Mr. Azhar Jaffer got moved by Museveni’s unparalleled intellectual prowess, and when he moved out, he immediately called our reporter and expressed his appreciation thus; “I have just had such an interesting experience at the statehouse. The president was bringing UTB and the private sector together to work on promoting the country. He’s a very sharp guy, he has a very strong mind,” Azhar told our reporter via phone as soon as he arrived in his office at Fairway Hotel yesterday.

Azhar is a member of Uganda Tourism Association representing all hotels in Uganda.

Uganda is blessed with undeniable natural beauty. In the west, the Rwenzori peaks reach towards the sky, the perfect challenge for bold explorers – Across the nation, parks are home to some of the world’s most exotic animals: Silverbacks, lions and countless others. In the west, Tooro sub-region, among other things, there are 56 crater lakes, Amabere Ga’nyina mwiru, the people and rich cultures to mention but a few, but Uganda is doing little to benefit from its richness.

In the same vein, Tourism is Uganda’s major driver of employment, investment, and foreign exchange, contributing 4.9 trillion Ugandan shillings (US$1.88 billion or €1.4 billion as of August 2013) to Uganda’s GDP in the financial year 2012–2013.

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