Uganda Gov’t To Open Passport Issuing Centre in Washington And Four Other Missions To Ease Access

Uganda Gov't To Open Passport Issuing Centre in Washington And Four Other Missions To Ease Access

By Uganda Online Media

Kampala: The government of Uganda through the ministry of internal affairs is set to open a passport issuing center at its mission in Washington DC,

According to the ministry of internal affairs, a number of Ugandans living abroad have had difficulties renewing their passports while still abroad.

A number of Ugandans abroad have been sending their relatives in Kampala to help in the process as well as scheduling virtual interviews with the passport office before their passports are sent abroad via courier companies which proved costly but also time-consuming.

However now the ministry has devised means to make the process much easier and as we write this, one passport issuing centre was opened at the Uganda High Commission in London for Ugandans in the United Kingdom .

“Washington DC is next and will be done by March. We expect all our citizens around that area to submit their applications for passports, go for interviews, applications processed and still get their passports from there,” Ministry of Internal Affairs spokesperson, Jacob Siminyu said

“We have been taking a month to deliver their passports aboard but will now reduce to two weeks. Ugandans in the diaspora will now enjoy the services,” he added

The Ministry of Internal Affairs spokesperson revealed that four other passport centers will be soon be opened at Uganda’s missions in Ottawa(Canada), Copenhagen(Denmark), Abu Dhabi(UAE), and Pretoria in South Africa.

Whereas the passport centre in Ottawa will mostly be catering for Ugandans in North America, the one in Copenhagen will be in charge for issuance of passports to Ugandans in the Scandinavian countries whereas the one in AbuDhabi will cater for the growing number of Ugandans working in Middle East, mainly Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

The new passport centers abroad have therefore been situated in areas where there is a sizeable number of Ugandans either living, working, or studying.

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