‘This Is Total Disregard Of Court Orders’! Uganda Law Society Condemns President Museveni’s Directive To Ban Land Evictions Across The Country

Uganda Law Society Condemns President Museveni's Directive To Ban Land Evictions Across The Country

Uganda Law Society President, Pheona Wall Nabaasa

By Uganda Online Media

The Uganda Law Society (ULS) has condemned the recent directive by President Museveni to ban land evictions across the country.

In a letter dated February 28, 2022, addressed to the Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Robinah Nabbanja, and using his powers under Article 98(1) and 99 (1) of the Constitution that enjoins him to ensure good governance and protect the Constitution, the President directed that:

“No eviction should be allowed to take place in a district without the consent and direct observation of the District Security Committee (DSC), chaired by the Resident District Commissioners/Resident City Commissioners (RDCs/RCCs) and direct consultation with the Minister of Lands.

H.E Museveni said if this is not done and the illegal evictions go ahead, the members of the District Security Committee will all be held responsible and action will be taken against them. This however excludes the UPDF representatives who may not be in the know of the substance of the issues involved.

In the same communication, the President requested His Lordship the Chief Justice to prevail upon the Justices and Magistrates who violate the Constitution by illegally evicting people in collusion with land grabbers.

He further directed the Minister of Lands to inform the Attorney General about such abuses by judicial officers so that legal action can be taken against them

However, society president Pheona Wall says fronting the district security committee to scrutinize orders, is an abuse of court orders.

According to Wall, this is total disregard of the Judiciary and rulings of courts of law whose mandate should not be interfered with, warning that people will lose faith in the system.

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