There Is No Need For Panic- Health Minister Aceng Speaks Out On Omicron Variant Confirmed In Uganda


By Ugandaonline

Kampala: Following the news of the Covid-19 Omicron Variant being confirmed in Uganda, Health Minister Jane Ruth Aceng has called upon Ugandans to remain calm saying the new Omicron variant is “not lethal”, among vaccinated people.

Uganda has today Tuesday 7 December 2021 confirmed its first seven cases of the Omicron variant which the ministry of health said were identified in travelers from Nigeria, South Africa, and other countries.

Speaking to journalists, Aceng said that the patients have been isolated, “but there is nothing to fear.”

“They are not severely ill, so there is nothing to worry about. They have been isolated,” Aceng said.

Aceng said that it is likely that the variant had already spread across the world without being identified because so far 38 countries across the globe have already reported Omicron cases.

“This means that the variant is highly transmissible. However, even from South Africa (where it was first identified), reports are that infections do not seem too severe. It is mostly mild infections and among the vaccinated people, it is not too much,” Aceng said.

Aceng said that, however, the variant could affect the unvaccinated people more, and used this chance to urge Ugandans to go get vaccinated.

“The vaccines are now available, I want to call for calm from the population, and I want to urge you to go get vaccinated,” Aceng added.

According to the Health Ministry, at least 7 million people have so far been vaccinated.

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